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125 reasons...and a reminder...

Monday, September 19, 2011

I wrote this out awhile ago, but after the weekend of indulging that I had...which included the bare minimum of even MOVING...I decided I needed to reread my reasons for wanting to drop each of these stinky pounds...and remind myself that I need to do better than I have been doing. it goes...

My 125 reasons to lose 125 pounds.

1. to like what I see when I look in the mirror
2. not worry about a double chin
3. to like to be in photographs
4. to have more confidence in meeting people
5. to have a chance to skydive
6. to wear a wetsuit and scuba dive
7. to put on a bikini for the 1st time in my life and feel hot.
8. to buy clothes off the rack that are way too young for me. :)
9. to show my kid/stepkids that its important to be healthy
10. to kick my emotional need for food to the curb
11. to prevent diabetes
12. to prevent high cholesterol
13. to prevent high blood pressure
14. to live longer.
15. to feel comfortable jumping into DH's arms or letting him pick me up.
16. to fit back into my cute shoes.
17. to not worry about my thighs rubbing together.
18. to not feel like I need to wear spandex under my dresses
19. to buy matching bra/panty sets that are actually cute
20. to be able to wear thigh high stockings
21. to be able to wear my saucy boots
22. to not have to special order cocktail or evening dresses
23. to make DH's eyes open wide when I come down the stairs.
24. to rock climb
25. to complete a triathalon
26. to not worry about weight restrictions on rides or activities
27. to not be afraid to try something simply because I'm fat.
28. to rock a cute short haircut
29. to not feel self concious about putting hot pink or red color in my hair...
30. to have strong muscles
31. to have good muscle definition in my legs/arms and stomach
32. to sit normal and not hunch
33. to sit normal and not worry about my belly hanging.
34. to sit and not have to work to keep my knees together because my thighs are too fat.
35. to sit and cross my legs if I feel like it...
36. to not have to have lap band surgery
37. to maybe have another baby?
38. to open up my cute "small clothes" box
39. to feel sexy
40. to try out new sex positions.
41. to jump on a trampoline
42. to look down and see my toes.
43. to take photos face on instead of downward
44. to not always be the one taking photos.
45. to not delete 90% of the photos of me taken.
46. to feel proud of myself.
47. to show myself I can do this.
48. to show myself I deserve this.
49. to show myself I want this.
50. so my back doesn't hurt
51. so my hips don't hurt.
52. so I don't dread doctor visits
53. so I can take the elevator without thinking everyone is thinking I should take the stairs.
54. to take the stairs if I feel like it.
55. to wear short skirts.
56. to get catcalls from other men.
57. to not have to buy clothes to fit my belly instead of the rest of my body.
58. to stop worrying all the time about what I look like
59. to feel confident when publicly speaking
60. to wear tank tops without the flabby arms.
61. to wear a sports bra to jog in
62. to bend over and not feel embarassed
63. weigh less than my husband...
64. wrap up in my husbands shirts if I feel like it.
65. Not have to preface friends borrowing clothes with, this "might" be too big for you...
66. Not wonder if I look "like that" when seeing another fat woman
67. to feel comfortable when going out to dance
68. to be able to pull off slutty halloween costumes
69. to get a tatoo where my bathing suit covers. :D
70. to not worry about eating a chip
71. to not worry about eating chocolate.
72. to not have to always feel like I need to change.
73. to not feel like I'm not good enough as I am.
74. to be able to fit in a seatbelt on a plane comfortably
75. to not worry if I'm crowding someone else's space on a plane
76. to not every get asked if I need an extender belt on a plane.
77. to have energy
78. to run after Bella
79. to fit on the swings and slide on the playground comfortably
80. to do cartwheels and handstands again
81. to not worry if the hammock is going to hold my weight.
82. to not feel embarassed.
83. to pack a small bag and not have my clothes take up so much room.
84. to buy miniscule undies and look good in them.
85. to not have my feet hurt
86. to not feel like I'm killing myself slowly
87. to not feel so creaky in the morning.
88. to jump at the chance to try new things.
89. to be more flexible
90. to have more energy
91. to get up and down from the floor without problems.
92. to want to show off my body instead of hiding
93. to have one less worry.
94. to wear jewelry without extenders for necklaces and bracelets.
95. wear shorts instead of just capris
96. to shop at Nordstrom Rack and actually find something.
97. to not feel limited.
98. to not feel sad.
99. to not feel tired.
100. to not wonder whats wrong with me
101. to wear my sexy copper dress.
102. to feel strong
103. to play volleyball on an intramural team again.
104. to venture outside my comfort zone.
105. to stop the fat gene cycle with me instead of my daughter.
106. to feel powerful
107. to eat icecream without wondering who is watching.
108. to enjoy trips to the pool/waterpark/beach
109. to not envy other people's physiques..
110. to not stretch out clothes before putting them on.
111. to not only buy strechable clothes!
112. to take more chances
113. to work on other goals.
114. to show my husband I want to be with him for a lot of years.
115. to exercise without feeling like I need to ridicule myself.
116. to be excited about life
117. to enjoy watching home movies of myself.
118. to not cringe/hide when I see someone filming
119. to not be known as the "fat chick" anymore.
120. to not wonder what its like to be skinny anymore.
121. to tan out in the sun in a bathing suit without embarassment
122. to be healthy.
123. to have a normal BMI
124. to be the best wife/mother I can be.
125. to be the best woman I can be.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this entry, and you've inspired me to write my own list. Your honesty is refreshing, and I know with your positive attitude, you can do this!
    2409 days ago
    What a great list! I think I might have to do one of these for myself. And I personally think wearing a wetsuit and scuba diving is a great reason. emoticon
    2411 days ago
    Must have been one helluva weekend. emoticon

    Every day and every meal is a fresh start. Just shake it off, and keep moving forward.
    2411 days ago
    I like 125 the best - esp if you do it for yourself
    2411 days ago
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