What You Can Do For Yourself in the Fall Challenge...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ever been in a race, and you get so tired, it's like something holding you back?

And you decide that it's just too hard, and you can't do it anymore, and you give up...

Do you feel like this?

Or like this?

You've done it before, huh? Do you recognize the cycle?

Yep, when things get tough, and a change is about to appear, you give up... But, what you're supposed to do is TRY HARDER!

Change isn't easy - but carrying extra weight isn't fun, either! What do you really want? What do you need to do?

Get real. Treat yourself like an adult. Don't feed into any stupid excuse.

When you're in the Fall 5% Challenge - and ESPECIALLY if you're on the Firecrackers team, YOU'VE ENTERED THE "NO FAILURE" ZONE!
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