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I did my first Half Marathon today!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I did it! I finished a Half Marathon!! I can't believe it! What an amazing feeling of accomplishment, pride and sore muscles ever!
First off, I was so excited/scared last night that I couldn't sleep. I think I got about 3-4 hours sleep -- then I had to be up at 5am to get to Saratoga on time.
I had a plan to start slow and save my energy to sustain me through to the end. It didn't go accordingly to plan. I started out thinking I was going slow.. after all I was just going with the crowd and before I knew it, 3 miles had passed and looking at my time.. it was one of my best 5K's ever. I should have been tired, but I was so pumped with endorphines with the excitement of it all, that I wasn't. My first 5 miles were all under 11 minutes each, which is amazing for me. One was even 9:52 which is pretty close to my record (although this was in the middle of a race, not just a sprint mile).
At mile 5 and 6 I got confused because I pushed buttons on my Endomondo program. It said 5 miles, but there was a 6 mile sign. A very welcome mistake though! I was farther along than I thought!
About mile 11 I was starting to fall apart. Just when I was wondering if I was going to be able to keep up a good speed and keep running more than walking, I started getting messages on my phone!! My husband had hooked up into my Endomondo program and him and each of the kids left a message for me! I sooo needed and appreciated these messages! They really put a huge grin on my face (other people probably thought I was goofy) and even made me weep a little. That was certainly what I need to keep going! They even left a message from our dog Red! Here are some of the messages (they are simple but meant so much to me):
Alyssa says good job mom!
Red says your doing a great job!
Quentin Says I Love You Keep Going
Jennifer says, WORK IT, WORK IT!
Alyssa says go mom, go.
the castle family says go mom go.

At mile 12, the excitement was wearing off as I was getting tired again. I was walking, just listening to my music, wallowing in my self pity, when a man says, rather yells, (since I had music) You can do this! I looked at him.. said "You're right! Thanks!" and put on a good run!

The course was beautiful. Starting by running down the main street of Saratoga with closed traffic (I love to run down the middle of a normall super busy street with closed traffic!), then through a trail, through Saratoga Park, through SPAC, along the horse-race tracks, through Skidmore College and a bunch of neighborhoods. The volunteers were amazing. Tons of water stations, potty's along the way, lots of supporting fans and bikers that kept traffic aside. One biker scared the life outta me. He screamed super loud at a car, made me and a person in front of me jump and almost run into each other. Turns out he was yelling at car that was too close. Then I ran along side the bike for a bit and we chatted, then he biked on to protect other runners.

I still can't believe I DID it! While I am tired and sore, I would Definetly do it again!!

Oh.. for the stats. I came in at 2hours and 25 minutes. I came it number 755 out of 830.

You can see it step by step here:

This is a pic of me and a fellow runner friend.
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