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Just keep swimming . . .

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have been swimming nonstop! I Told you guys I am using a 30 day trial at this really expensive health club. They have a great gym and an even greater pool. I fell in love with swimming and have been doing about 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill or elliptical after about 15-20 of strength. Then I swim for about 30 minutes and honestly I cannot explain how different my physique looks just from swimming. I feel tighter and thinner the day after. It really has just made my whole body feel so much stronger and slimmer! But I also was trying to explain this to my boyfriend but it’s hard, is how completely FREE and thoughtless I am when I swim. I have to focus because 1. I want to get a workout out of it and 2. Salt water pools are no fun to get water up your nose or in your mouth. I’m an inexperienced swimmer so I have to focus and I realize in the short 2 weeks I’ve been swimming I find my aerobic ability increasing. I can get more strokes in without taking breath. And my mind is just blank. I had so much stress last week so when I went swimming and when I was done I realized I hadn’t thought about work or money in the entire 45 minutes I was there. All I feel is the water and if you have a hard time with exercising or you feel like you don’t have motivation, try swimming if you can. I was like a lot of you and said “Oh I am not a good swimmer, I’m not good at it” but when you get in and you start, it’s like a whole new world. I felt like I was trying something SO completely different that I couldn’t believe it was exercise. heres a shot of me looking sweaty and gross in my speedo before I jumped in!

Anyway. I just made my FIRST batch of turkey chili! I made it a little spicier than I meant to because I kept tasting it and it tasted bland. But I didn’t realize the kick takes a few seconds. It’s not bad though, and I’m very proud of myself. I used a Sparkrecipes recipe for it and it’s basically crushed tomatoes, ground turkey, garbanzo beans, and black beans with one onion. I didn’t follow the recipe seasonings wise so I kind of played around. I used cayenne pepper instead of chili powder because shop rite wanted like 3 or 4 dollars for chili powder and I said I’d do without lol.

That brings me to another subject. Money and shopping. You all know I am OBSESSED with Jillian Michael’s and she is all about organic and the quality of your foods. But for the first time I am reading articles not by her or not endorsed by her and I am realizing what she is saying about these pesticides on our fruits and vegetables is VERY true. All the produce in supermarkets is mass produced to the point where they have to use crazy chemicals to get the amount they need in a short amount of time. And the meats we are eating are so pumped with hormones that it’s causing infertility and cancer in millions of americans. So when I was in shop-rite today, I took my time to check out different things and prices on organics. For one thing, I am going to buy organic beans from now on after hearing about GMO’s and how harmful they are. And while I was scared to see how much they cost I was surprised to see they were only 99 cents a can for the Shop-Rite brand organic kind. A regular can is maybe ten cents less. That ten cents is worth it to me anyway. Meat wise it was harder. Shop-rite doesn’t carry an organic section, just a “natural” section which doesn’t mean crap. So I chose the turkey meat with the least amount of scary ingredients. Some had colorings and “caramel tint” and different types of acid. I chose the simplest and it turned out to be butterball which is a good brand. And the price was the same as the shop-rite brand. I was able to find an organic whole chicken on sale for my crockpot for later in the week for not too bad of a price.

And I realized as I was shopping, I was passing a lot of things you would think “Oh that’s a good buy” and I realized if you STOP and THINK before you buy you realize it’s not a good buy. Four dollars for dishwashing detergent? When there is the 1$ brand next to it? I also made the decision to buy brown rice in the NON INSTANT form. I was a little nervous but I realized the only difference is the time. This brown rice took 30 minutes while the instant is 12. And I got an ENORMOUS bag of it for 2$ while one box of instant is maybe 4 meals. I made 3 cups of it dry which made A LOT of brown rice lol I kind of had to fish containers out of the back of the closet in order to find a way to store it all. But my point was the make enough to have for the week. Just like the chili should last us about 3 or 4 days. Longer if we stretch it with brown rice.

My point is, I only spent about 40$ in shop rite. I bought two pounds of ground turkey and used one for the chili and the other will be for burgers and possibly a meatloaf. I got myself Stevia, because I have heard such bad things about Sweet N Low. I realized why should I poison myself because I don’t want to use sugar? And I picked up coconut milk instead of my usual Almond Milk. I am NOT becoming a fanatic. There are plenty of things I eat that probably have GMO’s or aren’t organic. But I am trying to be better because the difference could be cancer within 20 years or not. I had read that most of the big brands of Almond Milk use GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) to get the amount of almonds needed to produce the milk in mass quantities. And truthfully I only buy any type of “milk” like once every month and a half because I don’t drink it, I use it in cereal where I put a ½ cup but I haven’t had cereal in the house in weeks or I’ll use it when the creamer runs out.

ANYWAY I’m done rationalizing my crazy. I embrace my crazy. But I just figured I’d share that you CAN eat better quality foods. It’s just a matter or reorganizing your money. Instead of getting orange juice that is packed with sugar, I used that money for the coconut milk which maybe I’ll start drinking in the morning for the vitamins. Instead of buying a bag of goldfish I bought Stevia so I could stop using poisons like sweetnlow and splenda. And all the things I didn’t buy were things that weren’t good for me anyway. Or unneccesary. Just from saving my Chinese food containers and my greek yogurt containers, I saved money on Tupperware when I used to spend 10 dollars a month replacing the Tupperware I’d lose or ruin. So you CAN afford to eat better. Just take the time to LOOK!

I’m gonna stop delaying studying for my class now lol. Later dudes.
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    I just got into swimming again a little while ago and I love it! It really is such a great workout and like you said, it totally clears my mind! Great job with your shopping! It really is about organizing your shopping better and figuring out which food is worth more- health and money wise! Good for you!
    2767 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    I imagine swimming uses practically every muscle in your body without the look different, too, so it's cool that you're feeling better. Good job on picking the healthier foods and good prices!
    2770 days ago
    Awesome job
    2771 days ago
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