OMG, I ran a 5k!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The thought that I'd ever think about running a 5k, or train for a 5k, much less actually run a 5k was unimaginable to me. MOM2PIPER had been doing it and invited me to do one but I didn't. I saw TERESA159 running and KRISTI2661 running and other Sparkies who weighed more than me. Could I do this? Was it possible?

Well thanks to SP and its great training programs, I ran my 1st 5k today! I started the 5k Your Way Rookie Running Program on July 16th to coincide with starting the Summer 5% Challenge. The program was 8 weeks long (it took me almost 9 weeks) but it works! The 1st week entailed walking for 4 minutes and then running for 1 minute for 20 minutes. Each week the intervals changed with the walking getting shorter and the running longer culminating in Week 8 where I walked for 1 minute and ran for 4 minutes for 40 minutes.

In spite of successfully completing each week, I was very very nervous today about running a whole 5k. I know there are many who had felt the same way before they attempted it. I had been running only on the treadmill as I live in south Florida and it's way too hot to run outside. I was going at 4.5 usually. To get through the 5k I decided to start at 4.0 because it's not important how fast you go, but that you're able to finish.

At 47 minutes, 32 seconds I crossed the 3.1 mile marker and raised my arms in triumph. I HAD DONE IT!!!! Me, a complete couch potato 8 1/2 months ago, was able to easily complete the 5k without having to take any walking breaks. In fact I felt so good & so strong that I upped the speed to 4.2 for part of the time and ended up running 4 miles in an hour.

Now I know that I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!! And believe me, if I can do it, ANYONE can!! So put aside your trepidations and sign up for one of the SparkPeople 5k Your Way Programs. You will be so glad that you did.

I am, as always, deeply appreciative of everyone who cheered me on and encouraged me. It meant so much and was very helpful. Next Saturday I plan to do the 5k Run for Hunger, my 1st 5k with other people. I know I'll be able to finish!
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