Friday, September 16, 2011

Sometimes I really think that people are trying to sabotage my dedication to living a healthier lifestyle. Either it's foreign to them, or they have failed themselves so many times that they don't want to see someone else succeed.

It's Friday, and like every Friday, the super skinny guy in the office brought in Dunkin Donuts. Every Friday morning he stops by my cube several times (when he's going to and coming back from his frequent smoke breaks) to remind me that there are donuts available. Every time, I say "No thank you, I'm good, but thanks anyway" And every Friday, that's just not good enough. After about the 4th time that he reminds me of those artery clogging fried pastries, he stops for several minutes to try to convince me that it's good for me, it's healthy, and I would greatly benefit from consuming such nutrient-deficient crap (although, he did not state it quite as eloquently as I just did).

After the last one is gone, he usually leaves me alone for the most part - he just stops by every once in a while to tell me that I missed out, but no worries, he'll have more again the following week.

Just a few days ago two e-mails came out - no lie, 1 minute apart from each other - telling the department about cake and klondike bars in the kitchenette. I sit about 10ft from that area, so every single person who wants it would have to walk right past me. About half of the people who went for the treats stopped by my desk on the way back to remind me that they were there. When one of my co-workers was leaning over my cube wall while eating cake and holding a klondike bar, trying to convince me that I NEED this, I honestly wanted to punch him in the nose. Good thing I have more sense than that. Or maybe I'm just aware of the fact that my bills won't get paid if I get fired from my job.

I can ignore e-mails, and I can walk away when I know that they're going to be frequenting the area, but when I ask people politely to eat their treats elsewhere and their response is to try to convince me that my life would be better if I gave in, that's something that I just can't ignore.

It's fairly frequent that people bring in some sort of sweet temptation, as I'm sure it is with most office jobs (what's the deal with that, anyway?). It seems that every few days someone is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, twelfth child, kidney stone passed or a hang nail removed, and for some reason that always means that the best way to celebrate is to bring in junk food so that we can all get fat together. Perhaps next week I'll bring in a bag of apples to celebrate the fact that I had made it a few more days without being eaten by a zombie.
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    I like the Zombie celebration idea!
    3327 days ago
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