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Rawness and Reality.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have had one of those AMAZING CRAZY WHIRLWIND weeks.

It started last Friday.

I had the strangest workout I have ever had. Some of you may know that we in CHCH, NZ have had a Mother NAture kinda year - 7549 earthquakes and counting.

Since February no-one except USAR and engineers have been into buildings higher than 3 or 4 stories and buildings are still collapsing during strong aftershocks. This is SCARY!!

Anyhoo... my mum's office was red stickered (which means unsafe to enter) after the february quake (which killed at least 186 people). She is HOD of her department and so has two offices filled with her life's work, research, degrees and personal items. None of these have been high on her priorities, in fact if she never had to enter that building again (7 stories) she would be happy, however, this week they were told they had 15 boxes and 3 hours to pack up their offices and anything not packed up would be thrown out!!

She asked me to help out. Well first I went to the project manager and said two offices we get more boxes. CHECK. HAha I think my Mum was quite impressed with that!! Then we signed in (so they know who was in the building if it collapses), got the safety briefing (basically, if there is an earthquake you are fugged), and trudged up 6 flights of stairs (lifts are unsafe). I am super packer so I set about organising my slightly hoarding mother into piles of trash and piles to pack and got packing. It was an extremely eerie feeling to be in a 7 story building alone, no sounds except the wind whistling through broken windows and paper flapping about. There were dead plants and half drunk coffee cups with stains from the evaporated liquid abandoned in February. My Mum's HOD office was a corner office with loads of windows so we could see the decimation of the central business district clearly. The most poignant moment was not seeing that there were less than 10 standing high rise buildings (3 of which are to be demolished), or the cranes which were to demolish, not rebuild, but the realisation that what was missing from our view was the CHCH cathedral spire which used to be clearly visible from anywhere higher than a couple of stories.

Anyway, the workout was:
emoticon45 mins of running (yes I ran EVERY time) up and down 6 flights of stairs carrying items to be taken away with us after the 3 hours.
emoticon 45 mins of hauling boxes - I got us 30 but we only used 18 in the end.
emoticon 30 mins of fighting a natural urge to get horrendously drunk - on the flat you can pretend things are nearly normal.
emoticon20 mins of an awesome ab workout in the form of laughing - highlight: my mother looked particularly funny walking down 6 flights of stairs with six bags, all clinking, and her arms full of stuff - I barely got down the stairs myself!!

I had extremely sore leg muscles the next few days and couldn't understand why as I work my legs muscles out pretty regularly - and then it hit me. I haven't really been up stairs since February. I shifted in January from a hilly city where I walked everywhere to a flat city where everyoine os tpoo afraid to be in buildings that could collapse!! Thus, my leg muscles get an AWESOME workout, I bonded with my Mum and helped her out, and got to address the fear and uncertainty that I still had about our beautiful city.

I went home and charged my camera to take photos for the PMP challenge and found photos from the day before the earthquake of my sister and I on my fav walk on a cliff-face which is no longer there (due to earthquakes of course!!). This shook me up a bit too but I got over it!!

Then my niece and nephew arrived to stay for the week!! I got to be a single Mum of a teenager and two little uns for a week. I AM EXHAUSTED. But I did get it all done AND completed my ST challenges AND planned my teen's birthday (on Sat) and spent time with him AND did baking AND cooked dinner for 8 people every night AND went to school and now I'm thinking maybe I missed my calling!! Maybe I was meant to be a housewife. Just jokes. I think I would go insane after two weeks. I think it must be the hardest job in the world. I'd much rather be a lawyer.


Wordvomit over.

Have a fun week y'all emoticon
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    sorry it took me to today to get back, wireless freezing up at home. Man I've never experienced an earthquake (we only have tee-tiny ones here less than 2.0)so I can not imagine how it would feel to be in a massive one that brings down buildings and momuments. I'm glad your safe! Hearing how you bonded with your mum brought a smile to my face, I love those laughing giggling moments they are a pure treasure!
    And honey, I'm surprised you could walk the next day, all those trips up the stairs - that was an awesome workout!
    Hope you have fun with the Birthday Party!
    emoticon emoticon
    3527 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/16/2011 1:23:42 PM
    I am so sorry that darn earthquake just doesn't seem to go away does it!!! Buildings still falling, that's terrible, I bet when they rebuild they will re-think their safety standards. Nice that you bonded with your mum, just wish it was an easier way. Way to look at the bright side, it WAS sure a work out.
    And this week you have little ones to run after and pick up after, more exercise. emoticon emoticon
    3528 days ago
    I'm leaving work now but I just read your blog but I've run out of time to comment. Wow oh wow... I will be back when I get home :) emoticon
    3528 days ago
    This is a really amazing blog. Thank you for sharing it. *hugs*
    3528 days ago
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