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Thursday, September 15, 2011

1. I am now a member of my gym. The stress test went fine, and my cholesterol/lipids/triglycerid
es and blood glucose were normal (yay no diabetes!)... however, my blood pressure was a little high which is probably due to the bad sleep I've been having. Hopefully, that will be sorted out soon

2. I had my sleep study the other night. I am nervous about it. I had to take an Ambien because I couldn't sleep for 3 hours (the woman in the room next to me apparently had SUPER BAD sleep apnea, because she snored like a sawmill, louder than anything I'd ever heard come out of someone's mouth, and she did stop breathing like at least 2 times per minute.... so after 3 hours they put a cpap on her (thank god)). Anyway... if i do have sleep apnea, it was not bad enough for them to wake me like they did her. I do not know how long I have to wait for my follow up ... I will call them today to find out.

Mostly I am nervous because... if I do not have a sleep disorder, What in the heck is wrong with me? I've ruled just about everything else out..... but the sleepiness, terrible energy levels, back, side, and shoulder stabbing pain (so debilitating last week that just sitting down or standing up made me cry... ) continues no matter how long I sleep or how much my bf massages me. He thinks I might have fibromyalsia... but my doc says that it is not uncommon for people with sleep disorders to develop fibro...

I have never wanted there to be something wrong with me as badly as I want to be told I have a sleep disorder. It would be a HUGE relief, and then I could go about fixing it. We shall see.

3. I did my first aquatic workout of my adult life. The pool was fine, except the chlorine seemed ridiculously strong and burned my sinuses (investing in a nose plug for next time). As soon as I began my workout, the pool emptied out, as there was only an hour left before closing time. I did everything I could think of... water walking, jogging, backwards walking, side squats/ lunges, butterfly stroke and backstroke swimming, and a weird combination of doggypattling and breast stroke (because I hate putting my head under water lol). It was GREAT to stretch out and work my core muscles and lats so well... I also could really feel it in my quads and glutes afterwards. I am planning to try the group classes (they have aqua cardio and aqua strength training with equipment underwater), as well as water yoga and others... even water zumba (sorry, never been big on that one).

The best part was that I got to stretch out my lower back, which hurt so bad... and two days later I can honestly say it feels a lot better than it has in over a week emoticon

I managed to fix my bathing suit by cutting out the bottom part and buying a swim brief to replace it. This made the top part not quite so tight on my shoulders. I also sewed up some of the plunging neckline and added a little shelf from an old workout-top for some extra support. It fits beautifully now.


Ugh. I just woke up and I feel tired and my head hurts. I will go call the sleep center to ask about that follow-up appointment.

Today I am going back to the gym for some weight machines and cardio.

My weight has been fluctuating between 397-399 for the last week or two.. which is awesome (for me), because I haven't seen a 400 reading for so long, and I think I am finally out of the 400s FOR GOOD. emoticon

I have not been strength training or running much because of my back this past week.. and my eating has been pretty bad too. I am going to fix it all this week.

From now until Tuesday, I am challenging myself to eat clean and get my two strength training and four cardio sessions in.


You know, I was avoiding doing this blog for a long time because 1. I was in pain and 2. was not eating right or exercising much... 3. it has no real cohesion or depth--just a smattering of events in my life. Even when I sat down to write it, I had my doubts about whether I would actually post it... however, now that it's done I am glad I did write it. I feel much more positive and motivated than I did before writing it.. I guess something about blogging is therapeutic.... so I will keep forcing myself to do so at least once a week, no matter how droll or whiny the content.

edit: I have been tested for Vitamin D deficiency and thyroid... I appreciate you who commented or sparkmailed me, but trust me, I have seen a LOOOT of doctors in the search for what is wrong. Hopefully it is sleep! I will keep you posted.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope they do figure out something for you! My husband had a really hard time sleeping for years, and he was on ambien but it made him do weird stuff. Eventually he just was able to sleep.

    I'm also jealous you got to do an aquatic workout, and that you have mad sewing skills! Look at you go!

    I love getting out of milestone numbers! and yay for being passed yours! Great job!
    3293 days ago
    I hope you get some answers soon on what is going on for is so frustrating when you know something is wrong but not knowing what it is.
    That is great that you were able to do a water workout. I need to get back into a pool...I love being in water but I haven't gone swimming in 2yrs.
    Have a great weekend.
    3293 days ago
    Yay for good blood work. Not to be a nosy nelly, but have you had your vitamin D tested? All those symptoms you list could be caused by a lack of vitamin D. A friend of mine had all kinds of problems and got tested and was waaaay below where she needed to be. Now that she's taking a supplement she feels much better. Keep in mind that not all supplements are created equal - ask the doctor to recommend a brand or buy from somewhere like Whole Foods that does vetting of their supplement products. Good luck and hope you find a solution soon!
    3293 days ago
    Yay! Under 400! My biggest thing right now is getting under 225. I'm SO CLOSE! I'm at 227-229. I was stuck at 230 for the longest time. Yeah, 225 is my first goal. I like reading your blogs, seeing your progress.
    3293 days ago
    Good work, happy for you. Great to see that the bloodworks came back ok, and I am sure that the sleep study will also come back with positive results. Also glad you wrote, thank you!
    3293 days ago
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