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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boy it's tough on me right now geez I'm glad my schedule is changed back for the most part I work most days from 11-8 or 12-8 and I'm having a hard time getting me time in and or exercise time in I'm frustrated I mean I get up at 5:30 to make coffee and start getting my husbands clothes and work boots ready to put on then I make his breakfast and lunch and have him out and off to work by 6:30 then I try to eat my breakfast and drink coffee then I start my laundry for work and by 7:30 I'm putting them in dryer and starting other laundry or dishes then I try to do the trash taking out feed the dogs we got 6 and then clean litter box for my grandson kittens and by then it's around 9 in the morning I get another cup of coffee put other clothes in dryer do the dishes after they soaked if needed it then 10 i want a shower to get the grimy ferling of sweat off me or whatever i had come in contact with since i work in bakery with bread and stuff i want to feel sanitary at least by 10:30-11:30 I have to leave for work then I usually goto lunch at 3-4 for an hour then back to work at 5-6 depending on my lunch time and then I'm off at 8 to get home about 8:30 then I get to cook supper then I just get cranky go to bed I just try to get my life organized but so far I just don't seen to get it right I used to have anxiety so bad it was heart palpitations and sweat induced and I have add without hyperactivity everything I do takes me 3* as long I hear about it all the time my Ritalin just keeps me focused don't help with energy my energy is zapped from depression doctor says plus my vitamin d level is nonexistent any tips would be appreciated on how to better use my time and any energy boosting ideas I'm constantly on my feet starting to have feet pain to very painful my whole feet hurt both them all the way down my soles from heel to toes they feel like I'm tingling and stabbing needles when I walk I wonder if it related to my weight but I been working almost a year be in dec. Wouldn't ya think it be used to it by now? Just wondering doc took me off my celexa meds for anxiety and depression maybe if it was caused by my mess it will go away I was told by a friend some meds does it
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    Coming off any psychiatric medication will alter your mood. I came off of Valium, 20mg worth over a 5 month period and it was anything BUT fun. However, I wonder if you have ever sat down and prioritized what you need to be doing. I learned of a system where you use numbers 1, 2 & 3. The number 1 means it has to be done THAT DAY and it CANNOT WAIT. Number 2 means it is still important but life won't stop if I don't do it today. It can wait until tomorrow. The number 3 then means it is the least important. These are usually things that can be put off like picking up items from the dry cleaner. Try using some sort of prioritizing system and maybe your life will get better.
    If you like colours better, use the stop light setup. Red means STOP - this MUST be done TODAY. Green means go ahead and put it off until another time and another day. Orange is somewhere in the middle. Do you have to make that call today or can it wait until tomorrow? Does that have to be done today or can it wait a couple of days.
    Whatever way you find easiest for you, try prioritizing your life and that includes SCHEDULING IN ME TIME & EXERCISE. If that means cutting out an hour on the computer, do it. The computer will still be there when you are done!

    Best wishes.
    2742 days ago
    The tingling in your feet could be so many things. You should mention it to your doctor. Keep trying with the schedule and the nutrition and hopefully something will start getting better. Take care of yourself.
    2743 days ago
  • JUDITH1654
    Could your husband get up early enough to make his own lunch and breakfast and take some of the pressure off of you? Or help with the dishes or other household duties? My ex made his own each morning which save me to take care of the kids for school and then myself for work.
    2744 days ago
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