Sleeping with the enemy (well, not exactly): Diet Sabotoge

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost everyone is financial strapped these days. To attempt to combat this my husband and I are living with the in-laws. Wasn't really a super big deal until a turn of events caused his dad and mom to be home everyday. Our dietary goals could not be further removed. So, I am trying not to sabotage myself my aimlessly eating/snacking. And of course I am trying to make the most healthful choices. This can be a really difficult thing when there are people living with you that could care less about what they eat.

I am trying with everyhting I have to stay away from refined sugary drinks and some else buys juice "drinks"--not 100% juice, but some sugary fruit essence concoction. I am trying to stay off of sweets and they buy cakes and cookies. I try to stay away from fried food and someone else is frying hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries. I have to say, hubby is supportive. If I say we're eating healthy, he'll chew on bricks if I gave it to him. But that's not quite enough...the in-laws are killing me.

Not to mention I am having to exercise around when they decide to get off the couch, rather than when I feel motivated, because I don't want to be a spectacle. What is this foolishness?! How do I combat this? Ugh...pulling my hair out.
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    Sounds like you're exercising to DVDs. If your computer plays DVDs you can workout in your bedroom. I know it may be cramped, but sounds like it's worth the effort.

    I have similar 'wars' keeping fit. My husband doesn't understand why I keep steering away from red meat and fried foods, or why I find it necessary to workout so much.
    3074 days ago
    How about offering to cook a low cal dinner for everyone. Experiment 1st IF you have time on your own. Are there any suitable recipes on Spark?
    3075 days ago
    Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

    To my beloved sister in Islam. I do indeed cook healthier things for myself. The issue is when you are trying to stay away from all the bad things you used to love to eat it becomes very difficult when everyone else around you is still eating them. I do drink water when I get a craving for that terrible stuff they are eating. But I am sure you know when someone is eating steak in front of you a cup of water is not going to satisfy your appetite :)

    To JBIGELOW77 I try to reflect as often as possible on the little progress I have made. I do my best to try not to get too down on myself if I slip up. It's getting easier but each day is a new challenge.
    3076 days ago
    3076 days ago
    This is a tough situation. Wonderful to hear your hubby is supportive. Stock the kitchen with fresh fruits and other affordable healthy snacks so that way you can at least have the option when you are staring temptation in the face. I do know from personal experience (unfortunately) the more refined and processed sweets you have, the more you crave them, so be careful. If you've already eaten some, don't be too harsh with yourself. You are in a challenging situation, but a temporary one. Take some time after you work out to refer back to your heaviest pics and reflect on the progress you've made. Remind yourself why you are going through all of this. I am sure you feel like a fish swimming against the current. Even if you slip into the current, and back track some, swim to the side, rest, reflect, and then keep pushing forward! You can do it!
    3077 days ago
    Sister can't you cook for yourself. For instance you can grill the same burgers/ hotdogs while they have them fried. Maybe just make a huge salad to eat before meals so you're not eating much of the bad stuff. If your tempted by the cake and cookies drink a glass of water first and try grabbing something healthier and move away from that area.
    For excersise you may want to try going for a walk instead.
    Hope this helps,
    Good Luck,
    3078 days ago
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