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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hello my friends. I am so sorry that I have not been the friend I want and need to be for you all. I have been going through so much this summer, you would not believe. I know, that is not an excuse. Number one, I haven’t been working on my weight loss, so I didn’t get on here as often. I would for a few minutes, read a blog, spin the wheel, read something motivational, etc. then sign off. I didn’t go to my teams or communicate with any spark friends (not much any way), and for that, I apologize. I will try to put what has happened since May in a brief explanation.

May: DH had two cervical vertebrae fused. He has since had a lot of pain, discomfort, difficulty in turning his head, you name it. The month of May also included me getting another year older. We won’t mention that loudly. LOL That all happened after spending a few days with our daughter, SIL, and grandson in Florida. That was the highlight of the month.

June: this month included DH recuperating. I considered changing my Lyrica to Savella when I went to the doctor in July. I was doing some research during this time on the differences between these two medicines. The highlight of this month was Jackson, the grandson, coming and staying with us for 1 ½ weeks. My DH turned another year older this month.

July: we took Jackson back home and spent the fourth with them. Love spending time with that baby. I went to see my GP and asked about changing to Savella from Lyrica. He gave me some samples and a prescription. I tried it, but was sick the whole month while taking it. My chest hurt so bad I thought I was having a heart attack or something. I hurt the whole month and was so sick. When I returned in August, I had him put me back on Lyrica. Almost immediately I felt better. Yes, I have the weight gain; yes, I have the swollen hands and feet, but I do not hurt as badly as I did with Savella. So, I guess I hurt without medicine, hurt with medicine, or feel some better and deal with weight gain and swelling.

August: oh man was this a bad month for me! I started out going to have my hearing checked with a local ENT. My hearing is not good, found out my septum needed to be straightened in a bad way, had allergy tests, started giving myself allergy shots, had nasal surgery, and had my yearly checkup. Today is the first Tuesday since that first one in August that I have not been to the doctor. One Tuesday in August, I had two doctor’s appointments. Last Tuesday, I had two doctor’s appointments. So that brings me to September.

September: Last Tuesday was my third “after surgery” checkup at the ENT. At 8 AM I had a podiatrist appointment. This was the second one with him in a week. He had diagnosed a wart growing under my baby toe on my left foot. I had this growth for about a year and my GP was not sure what it was. He had removed it with a scalpel, but it grew back. I was scheduled to return on the sixth to have it removed. First, I was given several shots to numb my toe. Then, the doc used a scalpel and removed the wart. I didn’t feel anything but pressure, which was good. Then he froze the place for several minutes. Even though he used a cone to guide the spray, it ran down onto the top of my toe and down part of the top of my foot. By the evening of Wednesday, I had a large blister all over my baby toe and the top of my foot where it had sprayed. I have had a rough week with this blistered area and the bottom of my toe. It is painful and even burns up my leg. I am scheduled to return on Tuesday of next week to have treatment again. I don’t know if I can handle it again especially that soon. I even rescheduled my rheumatology appointment because I did not feel up to walking the distance I had to walk to get to his office. So I go to the RA doc on Monday and the podiatrist on Tuesday. I am beginning to dislike Tuesdays. LOL I wonder why?

Well, with all that said, where does this leave me? Tired. I want to lose my weight, but I must get myself in the mindset to be successful. As soon as my foot gets well, I plan to begin working out again. I have really been slack on this. I have got to get myself in better shape where I can do things with my grandson and any future grandchildren that may be in God’s plans. Not just for that, but for myself. I need to love myself enough to make changes in my life that are best for me. I am setting a goal to lose ten pounds by Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this will happen sooner, but at least by then. I have read some great success stories in the past two days that have given me encouragement and excitement to start working on my goals of getting healthy again. Please keep me in your prayers.

Love to all! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Teresa, Thanks for the update.... ever heard of the saying, "don't fix it if it isn't broken?" Hang in there, you can do it, one day at a time....I hope you need less medication and doctoring as you get healthier... nutrition and fitness can be medical protocols if you need a prescription! I've missed you and just want you to feel good, naturally! Good luck! emoticon emoticon
    2440 days ago
  • GOIN4GR8
    I will lift you up in prayer, Teresa. I'm right there with you. But you CAN do it--we'll do it together!
    2445 days ago
    Its been tough on quite a few of us but we just keep getting back up again. Be encouraged & pray you feel better.

    2445 days ago
    You are in my prayers. Just remember that there is no time like the present to start on the path you really desire.
    2445 days ago
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