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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am currently 5 weeks pp. During my pregnancy I gained 56 emoticon pounds! Some of this was water weight, I became really swollen and had high blood pressure and pre-e towards the end.

Sammy and I are doing great now! I am finally off my blood pressure medication and have my final midwife appointment this Friday! Hopefully I will be cleared for running because I plan on starting half marathon training for the Las Cruces Half Marathon that is in December on Monday. I had a hard time with the blood pressure at first, pp, but now I am feeling much better. I am currently walking with the jogging stroller about 5 days a week in the morning with Sammy as well as doing some dvds. I want to start up swimming and spinning as cross training in October as well. I really want to be at my pre-pregnancy weight of 150 by Christmas ( which is attainable but will take hard work!).

I think I am going to do most of my running workouts with Sammy in the jogging stroller and I will have my hubby watch him when I go to swimming, spinning, or weights at the gym. I am only feeding him breast milk so I can't be away from him for too long. I do pump and let my hubby feed him at night when I do weights at the gym, but my breasts get too big if I don't pump at least every 3 hours. Hopefully breast feeding will help me lose the weight as well!

Right before giving birth ( they weigh you at the hospital) I weighted 206! As of right now I weight 188 ( so down 18 pounds). I am going to be doing monthly measurements ( at my gym) and posting the results. I have also decided to go vegan to help me lose the weight ( as well as LO doctor suggested cutting out dairy to see if it helped with LO gas problems). It is day two on the vegan diet, so we will see how it goes! My hubby wanted to do the diet with me, but last night he asked if we could go to Jake's Cafe ( a local burger joint) for dinner tonight.... and I told him we could go, but that I would eat a home because I was not eating meat or cheese. He gave me a look and was like " oh yeah that's right..." I think he is going to eat some of the vegan means but cutting out meat for him is just too hard.

I am going to post my measurements at the start of each month... this month is a little late posting but the measurements are from the start of the month ( Sept 5, 2011).

Body weight ( on 9-5-11): 191
Body fat %: 32.6%
BMI : 28.2
Measurements are in inches
Shoulders 44
Chest 40
Waist 38
Hips 41
Thigh 22
Calf 15.5
Arm 12.5

I am not brave enough to take stomach pictures emoticon as some of you are... but I luckily am not too flabby, it just looks like I have a beer gut with lots of stretch marks! emoticon
My ultimate goal is to be at 145, but I want to make it to 150 by Christmas for my first goal!

I plan on doing the Whole Enchilada 5k in two weeks... I haven't decided if I will use the jogging stroller in the race or if I will have my hubby watch him while I do the race.... anyone else doing this race in Las Cruces?

For those of you that have had children, how long did it take you to lose the "baby" weight?
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    Hello! Sounds like you have a great plan. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and my lil girl is due on October 9th! Before getting pregnant I had lost 40 lbs. and was down to 163 lbs and I have gainned so much weight during this pregnancy it's not even funny. It's funny because everything you said in your blog I just have a feeling I see all that in the near future! :) I plan on breastfeeding too and I have always heard that helps the weight come off quicker since that is what our bodies are made to do and thats why it stores so much fat during pregnancy! I'm also doing it for the benefits of the baby. Anyways I could go on for days but good luck on your run and email me anytime you want to chat about babies and recovering! :)

    3518 days ago
    sounds like you have a good plan set in place!!
    3518 days ago
    Weight loss is different for everyone after baby. It took you 9 months to gain the weight, so a *safe* estimate on how long would be at least 9 months to take it off =)

    I'm one of the fortunate few that drops weight quickly. Being active and breastfeeding are what really helped me. By 6 months pp with my first 3 I was back to pp weight (and slightly under with the last 2). I'm 4 months pp now and only have about 5lbs left to go. PP shape is a completely different thing though lol! That takes a bit longer =)

    Give yourself a few more weeks, and you won't have to worry *as much* about the girls. Once your milk supply is established, they won't change as much. For me now, they tend to get harder (TMI =)) rather than bigger if I go too long in between nursings.
    3520 days ago
    You are awesome!!! I love that you're already running again - what an amazing feat in and of itself. Way to go!! At exactly 5 months pp, I'm back at prepregnancy weight (plus 2 inches around the middle). Still working on prepregancy SHAPE. I'm also still exclusively breastfeeding - it can be challenging to exercise when the girls are big!
    3521 days ago
  • LEASIM1231
    I gained 38 pounds and lost 17 from the birth and from 4 wks PP only 1 lb/week, so I still have a while to go! I am also EBF, but it does not seem to have any dramatic weight-loss results...
    3522 days ago
  • STRINGI719
    We'll be in Phoenix that weekend, so I won't be able to be there this year. Too bad, I'd like to see how much I've improved since then, as that was my very first 5K last year.

    I was lucky and didn't gain much with either of my 2 pregnancies, I think because I was already overweight when I got preggers with #1, and I may have even been just over the threshhold of obese when I got preggers with #2. I only gained maybe 15-20 pounds with each one, and with both I was back to pre-pregnancy weight by my 6 week postpartum checkup. HOWEVER, it was then that I started to gain again! Both times, once I went back to work, I started to gain weight, since I was tired every day and I'd eat sugar & caffeine to get through the day. Not healthy, I know. I'm so glad I found SP and I know how to treat myself now!

    I think the fact that you've already lost 18 pounds is GREAT! I know it's not fun to think about, but remember that it took you 9 months to gain all that weight, so you need to be realistic in the amount of time you need to take it off safely, especially since you are breastfeeding. I am sure you've found lots of info online here, but I remember 10 years ago the one time I was on Weight Watchers, they had a special nursing program that had adjusted points you had to eat to make sure to provide for the baby, plus additional food group requirements. In the end, all that matters is that you have a happy and healthy little boy!
    3522 days ago
  • SINGER73
    Well with baby#1, I gained 42lbs and lost 19lbs from the delivery. I was back at my prepreggo weight when baby#1 was 10 months old. It was definitely hard work but I made it. I stopped breastfeeding when she was 9 months and I lost 7lbs that month. I'm not one of those lucky women whose weight just drops off from nursing. I seem to hold on to it and then lose it when I stop.

    I'm 13 weeks postpartum now and EBF and I've only lost 1.5lbs over the 9lbs I lost from birth. With baby#2, I only gained 29lbs. I was praying that since I'm EBF this time (no need to supplement with formula) that it would be different but nope. Oh and I didn't start to try to lose the weight until I was 8 weeks along. They say to give your body 2 months to develop a good milk supply.

    If you are determined than you can do it. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself. It was easy to get to the gym with 1 kid but now that I have 2 kids both under 2 it's a bit harder. I'm hoping to get the baby to take a bottle, then I will be able to take him to the gym with me. I get 2 hours of daycare everyday at the gym. Once that happens, then I plan to hit the gym at lunchtime.
    3522 days ago
    Wow, you are doing so well. You give me inspiration. I have gained a lot while pregnant. I wonder.. when working out do you have to pump prior so the baby doesn't get the lactic acid through the milk post work out? Wishing you luck on your 5 k runs and training.
    3522 days ago
    Glad you're feeling much better and getting back to your workouts again and adjusting to Sammy being there to take care of. I had planned on doing the Las Cruces one but had a rough summer and didn't get much running in and am not ready to take on the 5k right now. Good luck with it!
    3522 days ago
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