Everyday i'ma shufflin....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Actually, no. That isn't accurate.

Everyday (read: all TWO days of this week so far) I am spazzing out on endorphins and caffeine. Today marks the 2nd day of being at the gym at 5:30.

Yesterday went AWESOMELY well.
Mondays are usually good days for me though, so I had to chalk some of that up to start of the week productiveness. I managed to keep myself away from my book so I could do my dishes, set out clothes, pack lunch, and make myself an awesome dinner (that's right, i cooked. It hardly counts though because i made an omelet and those are pretty much my specialty, so...props but not really).

What surprised me most about yesterday was that I was really energetic and pretty focused all day, but then when I got home from my class, I was noticing my body winding down already and my mind sort of shutting off. I was in bed by 10:30 and asleep before 11:00, which nearly NEVER happens. I slept pretty well, waking up only once or twice, and had no problem getting up this morning.

Felt SUPER great!

So, day #2, let's do this thing.

Ran & such this morning at the gym. At lunch today I am doing a pool workout with my crazy coworker, who was a competitive swimmer. I am basically a disabled walrus in the pool--super awkward and not at all efficient. This should be interesting. At any rate, then I have afternoon meetings and then climbing. This is an exerciseful day :)
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