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Living out my fantasy, and eating like a crazy person

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Labour Day I ate like I used to: randomly, excessively, without much forethought or planning. I spent the day cooking for a dinner party and mostly just snacked and sampled. It's been a long time since I ate in such an unstructured way. Haven't done that since I joined SP last May.

The party was fantastic! I made Asian fusion appetizers and forced my friends to watch the Wizard of Oz. I'm very keen on dressing up as the Cowardly Lion this Halloween, and I want them to dress up as Oz characters with me so we watched to get costume ideas.

I made everything vegetarian and dairy-free for my lactose-intolerant veggie friend, but it wasn't vegan because I used some butter. She can handle butter. We had salad rolls with peanut sauce, lettuce wraps (my first time using veggie ground round, and it turned out great), tofu and veggie satay, and these crazy gyoza made with roasted corn, sage and tofutti (a vegan cream cheese). The dumplings were the hit of the party, and that made me happy because I dreamed up the recipe. I even used fresh sage and fried it crispy in brown butter. Seriously AMAZING! For dessert I put fruit on skewers and served it with homemade caramel sauce. Yep, pretty yummy!

Near the end of the evening I realized I hadn't had any exercise! That's a problem because I'm doing a 100 day exercise challenge. I've committed to 30 minutes every day, and it's usually easy to get because I bike and walk everywhere. I often do more, but a half hour is my minimum commitment.

So I got home (we held the dinner at a friend's because she has a big TV), put away the leftovers, put on runners, grabbed my iPod and went for a walk. It was 11 p.m., and I went out for my half hour of exercise! Who the heck am I? Who is this person who is so determined to have a sticker on each and every day of her exercise challenge calendar?

I also weighed myself at my friend's house (I don't have a scale; that's a whole other blog). I've lost another six pounds over the past month! That's 27 pounds in three and a half months! It seems like a lot of weight. A lot of my clothes are too big now. Yet my BMI still says I'm obese. I am still very heavy, and still committed to sticking with my plan, getting healthier, treating my body with love and respect.

As I was walking, I realized that I'm finally living out the fantasy I've had since I was a little kid and first began to feel bad about my weight. I always pictured weight loss like one of those montages in the movies.

You know, the film footage jumps from images of doing crunches to jogging in the park to, I don't know, eating a big salad and saying no to a sundae, or something like that. Add in inspirational music and end the montage with me bumping into the person who will turn out to be my true love, while I look all cute and fit. Cue the close-up on the smiling, happy face of the girl who finally, finally was able to lose weight.

Needless to say, that fantasy never happened. I came to think it was a big old pipedream. And in a way it is, because this weight loss journey hasn't been seamless or easy. It's just my regular life, but with some positive changes (and some stress and anxiety, which sometimes accompany change). But I am still living out that fantasy, because these changes are real. They're happening!

Thanks, SparkPeople and lovely SparkFriends, for helping me to make a dream come true. I couldn't have done it without you.

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