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Monday, September 12, 2011

I do real good with my eating throughout the day. I faithfully track every BLT (bite, lick and taste) both on the Weight Watchers etools and on here, I drink 90 ounces of water because I'm usually doing 30 to 45 minutes of moderate activity per day and eating 3 meals and my 2 snacks ; one mid morning and one mid afternoon. I try to finish up eating supper at 5:30 pm because any later than that and I'm awake all night long. I have to finish my last meal at least 5 to 7 hours before bedtime as I suffer terribly from insomnia. Also if I eat supper past 5:30 pm I have a hard time eating breakfast the following morning. I don't like to eat snacks at night time because of the same reason as not eating my meals past 5:30 pm but also because of my acid reflux. Also it's a bad habit I want to get out of. Yet at 8:00 pm I go on an uncontrollable binge that sabotages my entire day's hard work of exercise and healthy eating. I have asked family and friends what to do and all they tell me is to eat. I even posted on Facebook and they said eat. I wonder if they even read my entire question.

What I'm trying to figure out is if I'm missing something; like fiber or carbs or something from my dinner that is causing this 8:00 PM snacking. If so, then I'm hurting myself and would like to know what I'm doing wrong instead of getting the answer of "drink a milkshake". Drinking a milkshake at 8:00 pm is still snacking which is what I want to stop doing.

Oh and I am allergic to medicines so taking pills or something isn't the answer. Sorry for the vent, I'm just looking for ideas to stop the snacking at nights (whether it's something I'm lacking in my food or just habit) and get a little tired of people telling me snack at night anyway.
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    You know what's funny is that I can drink V8 with no problem, but regular tomato juice and other foods taboo for acid reflux do bother me. Wonder if it's the other vegetables in the V8 that counteract the tomato. Anyway I bought some low sodium V8 and have been drinking 8 ounces of that instead of my snack. It fills me up. So it's now 3 nights without a snack after supper.
    2444 days ago
    If you have acid reflux problems, would V8 hurt you at night? Try to keep a good track of what you have for dinner and see if you can make a change there to keep you full through the night.
    2447 days ago
    I'll try the V8 juice for awhile and see if that helps. My blood sugar is fine, the only thing I really suffer from is acid reflux and insomnia. And of course, like I stated I'm allergic to medications. I'm glad I don't have some really bad health issues.

    Thanks for the suggestions. :)
    2447 days ago
    I know you want to stop the PM snacking...BUT your body might be telling you something. I am DMtype 2 so ya know my body tells me all kinds of wonderful things! LOL Have you had your sugar checked? Now in my case I have a snack in the PM of like cereal and milk. That helps me keep my sugar level all night. Now I would say that if that is not the case for you. You might try drinking vegetable juice for a while at 8pm. See if that does the trick. Hope that helps alittle
    2447 days ago
    Yes I get 5 fruits/veggies, get my protein/carbs/ fat/ fiber (at least I think I do? been keeping tabs on the nutrition page). I just really don't like to snack at nights. It's the one habit I really want to break, whether it's a celery stick or not. :)
    2447 days ago
    Do you eat alot of fruits and veggies. If you get that 8:00pm craving get a fruit. Celery stick with peanut butter or a fruit. Something that really dont hurt what you hvae worked on all day.
    2447 days ago
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