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For My Next Trick- Tightrope Walking or is it Juggling?

Monday, September 12, 2011

I've got a lot of new things occurring in my life currently and it seems like I am learning to perform for the circus. My son is now a Middle Schooler, and I am trying to give him freedom yet still be pro-active with hearing about school and dealing with homework, studying, and project issues.

My goal this year was to try and become a substitute teacher and I took the state required Effective Teachers Training Program during the summer, which is a whole blog in itself. Let me just state I have a greater understanding about how UNDERPAID & Unrecognized teachers are. For a teacher to be emoticon in today's society they have to be emoticon time managers, good role models, and do their best to keep class sizes over 25 kids in order and on task and learning at their own pace & style. The time that goes into each day's lesson plan was mind boggling! emoticon I will be 100% honest there were days during that course when I felt overwhelmed and wanted to quit or just walk away during a class break. Do you know what kept me going- my SON, I'd call him during the breaks on my cell phone and tell him what was happening in class and how I felt. He got it 100% and was my pep talk coach, plus by talking to him he kept me accountable for my actions. I figured if I quit I was going to be in for some major battles this school year when things may get tough for him. So, being a good role model was important. I am so thankful I took that course.
From taking that class I have a better understanding from 3 views:
1. The parent- being hands on I try my best to know what my son is learning and if I don't understand I am asking the teachers to teach me!
2. The student- and the anxiety that goes with that & feeling unprepared or overwhelmed with the amount of info you are trying to process. Plus I was surrounded with adults with more education than myself, but I never got the impression from most of them that they enjoyed working with children and being surrounded by them. Weird huh. For me, its about my pure joy and postiveness I get from being around the kids.
3. The teacher- I had to create a lesson plan then do it in a group as practice for a real classroom. I also learned how to deal with time management, behavior issues, guidelines a teacher must adhere to as a role model, and in all that knowing they have to stay current with all the new technology and curriculum. Its amazing how much goes into the job and I am floored plus they lead their own lives somewhere in all of it. Remember a lot of school/classwork goes home with them each night and they may have over 100 students to account for in a day- UNBELIEVABLE.
Oh, but once again I get off course. I have learned after putting in my substitute teachers application with the school board that possible interviews are anywhere to 6 months out and that is ONLY if they have opening in the roster. There were some major school budgets cuts in our area and lots of teachers and teachers assistant positions were lost- so they get first choice and that is how it most definitely should BE.

So what to do- I decided I needed to look for a part time job, which I did and guess what I GOT IT! emoticon I officially started last week, and so the tightrope/juggling has started in my life. See, I made a commitment to myself to try and continue volunteering in the schools to keep that avenue open and I just plain enjoy the heck out of it. I know how much my time and effort is appreciated there so its well worth my time and energy. So this past week I am learning on a curve. I am taking each day at work as a learning experience and seeing the positives I am getting from each day. Even if I make a mistake, I am doing my best to learn from it and not being afraid to ask questions. I had been under the impression that I would have limited hours due to a pretty full employment roster, which didn't bother me in the least since I knew what to do with the spare time-volunteer. But, life looks like its going to be changing at a rather fast pace emoticon I was called last night by the store manager to ask how my 1st day went. I told her an honest answer and my insights on what I feel wasn't covered completely and for more information on what is expected since the 2 employees overseeing me didn't seem to be managing the time correctly for what I thought might be required for the job. I am very thankful for an open minded store manager who truly listened and must have liked my input because I was asked to come in spur of the moment to help with sales signage, which was time consuming but I learned a great deal. I believe I am going to be fast-tracked in learning the ways of the store and my hours are going to be picking up. For me the hardest part last night, was staying up so late ( past 10 PM) at work but I was in motion. Today I am feeling the effects of not going to bed at my scheduled time since my husband's alarm clock goes off at 4:30 AM and I am up with it and moving for the day. So, I've got a challenge ahead of me.

Learning to juggle or walk the tightrope in my life in finding a balance to manage it all.
Home management- cleaning, meals, bills, dr. appt, keeping my son on task with school, pet care, etc... (you all know the drill and the endless revolving list)
Parenting- being hands on still with my son to know what's happening daily in his life, being a good role model, knowing where boundaries need to be set.
Spouse- keeping the lines of communication open, finding time together, and both of us getting adjusted to the new family scheduling- he's going to have to take up the slack if he can.
Volunteering- still be active when I can in the schools and community to emoticon spread my spark.
Work- learning a new company and their ways, teamwork, and managing my time each day I've got to work to balance the above.
Me Time- so where is that going to fall in? Usually this is the FIRST thing to take a backslide so I am making efforts to choose healthy foods- even when I have to grab and go for work call-ins. I am trying to be flexible and make exercise enter somewhere, somehow, even if in small amounts.

Do I think I can do all this- YES! Why because I've got my wonderful SparkPeople Community behind me as support so when I feel the slip or mis-step on the rope or one of the above balls drop my emoticons will give me advice or keep me accountable or just plain understand that we all can't be "Super Woman/Super Mom" and you've got to remember one important thing- YOU (me) count and shouldn't be dropped off the list. My health and positive attitude I've gotten from being on SparkPeople means a great deal and I don't want to lose it again.

Any suggestions on what my circus outfit should look like? emoticon

Got to run- errands today, exercise/workout sessions, house chores, and I've got a book fair to set up! See ya..... emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My goodness- I really admire you! Do not know how you do it! How about a superwoman outfit?! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    We are here for you! Keep in touch when you can! emoticon
    2433 days ago
  • FOST40
    You know that you have full support here!!!! I'm so proud of you going after your substitute teaching certificate and getting a part time job. I think that teachers are truly underpaid and overworked. I'm confident that you will be able to excel at all that you are doing. emoticon
    2473 days ago
    Sounds like you've got your hands full, but congratulations on the new position. I'm sure you will do well. As a teacher (even if I'm now a principal, I'm still a teacher at heart), I'm glad to see that you're seeing what a lot of people do not see... how hard teachers work.

    Take Care of Yourself... you're so right about not letting your health slide. It's too important.

    Best Wishes!

    Bruce emoticon
    2474 days ago
    Congrats on your new job and good luck with it.
    2474 days ago
    Hey I like it! I would quite the Diva, huh emoticon
    2474 days ago
  • NCSUE0514
    How about a blue tutu with silver sequins and a feather boa?
    2475 days ago
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