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911 Fire fighters Remembered!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On 911, there were 343 Fire Fighters that climbed into the twin towers of the WTC to rescue and give aide to those trapped and injured within. They went in without regard to their own lives or safety. They went in with purpose to others - a totally selfless act! They died as heroes along with over 3000 people that were in those towers.

Yet, today, as we remember the victims of 911, the fire fighters are not invited to the memorial service. The reason given is because there is not enough room at the twin reflection pools of ground zero! Interestingly, there was room for them to die there but not enough room to remember and honor them? How sad and selfishly stupid can we be?

So the fire fighters have their own memorial that was dedicated in 1913 to the fallen Fire fighters over the years and the 343 members that died on 911 are also remembered there. The fire fighters bravely state that they don't want to go where their ranks died. They want to be alone and quietly remember their fallen comrades at their memorial. This is something they have always done.

I can understand that, but they have to be hurt in the exclusion of their ranks and families at the 10th anniversary of the 911 memorial. Their comrades died in 911 - they need to be honored, too, no different than the workers in the twin towers.

I know it isn't much, but I remember the 343 Fire fighters of NYC that ran into those fractured-burning buildings to give their all. It's sad enough that it happened, but to dishonor them now with this insult? Inexcusable!

I wish I had a way to let the NYC fire fighters know that someone still remembers their sacrifice and cares about their feelings and puts them in an honorable position in my mind and heart.
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