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an up and down day

Sunday, September 11, 2011

yep, I'm actually posting 2 blogs within 24 hours!!!

This blog is about Saturday.
Got up, got on the computer, started watching videos about September 11th-- as soon as one video would end, another one that looked good/interesting/ inspiring/ other things would be next on the que... I watched for a good hour.

then i had to go pick up my blind friend and take her to work. That takes about an hour.

On the way home, i stopped by an emergency preparedness fair that our church was hosting.
Going to that after just having watched stuff about 9/11--- either of those things are overwhelming on their own. add them all together- + me being a spousal caregiver, which is also overwhelming-- um yeah.

But i did learn some things at the preparedness fair, and also got some ideas that would help my family.
Here's one-- I've always worried about what would happen if, in an emergency, my husband was home alone and had to leave, with his 72 hour kit. He's in a wheelchair, how is he going to easily grab a duffle bag, or plastic bin, and get it and himself out the door?
One of the displays at the fair was of 72 hour kits.... some of which were put together in... DUH... rolling backpacks!!!!
It still may be a challenge for my husband to grab & get out the door--- but I think, with a rolling back pack, he could do it. So now, we're going to be on the hunt for a nice rolling backpack.
One lady also had a display of toiletries, soaps, cleaners for emergencies. I need to put some baby wipes, shower caps, and moist towelettes in our emergency kits! anywho, she also had a travel size bottle of No Rinse Shampoo... i told her we use that stuff for when my husband can't get into the shower... so she asked me how it worked, and how well (it does the job at hand.... but not quite as well as real shampoo)... she hadn't ever thought about people with disabilities/ who are bedbound using it... so, that's something she learned from me! :)

She also said something about maybe someday my husband will be healed... I could have sworn I had said earlier in the conversation that he was born with his disability[ies]... i just told her if God wants to, He will heal him in this life [If He wanted to, he could have already--- HE's had opportunities to do so]... but we don't think that is God's purpose for my husband in thilife [He's here to teach us other things... look at how much he has taugh me, and so many others, through his disability]... but in the next life, he WILL be healed.
And then the lady said, that must be tough [yes], but that's where love becomes so important.
She also said something about her husband being 'not well', but i didn't feel like asking more about him (remember, I was already on overlaod/ feeling overwhelmed by that point)

Also learned a little about HAM radio/ LDS church emergency communcations in our area. That was kind of interesting.

Then i headed home.
Someone had annonmously left a bag of tomatoes on our doorstep!! I don't eat tomatoes all that much, but i will eat these!!

While trying to figure out what to fix for lunch for both me and my hubby, i remembered that our apartment managers were hosting an end- of- summer bbq. So we went over there for lunch (me bringing along my own gluten- free buns) and visited with a few of our neighbors.
They had some stuff leftover, so we came home with a box of oatmeal cookies-- since I can't eat them and hubby hates all things oatmeal, I am going to give them to one of our neighbors who has kids.
Later, was checking FB when I found out that one of my FB friends, a fellow caregiver- her husband passed away-- while he'd had his illness/ disability a long time (decades), this wasn't expected at this time, so it came as a shock.

Then this evening, when i took my blind friend home from work, she asked if she could stop and get something at Subway... but i forgot. When she reminded me, we were a ways past there... so went to a McDonald's that is inside a Walmart.
As we were walking up to the store, i saw saw an elderly lady getting her few groceries out of the basket of an electric grocery cart. I could tell that she wouldn't be able to ride the cart into the store and then walk back out to her car... and i could also tell that, where the cart was, it would be blocking the way of cars needing to park there after her (and possibly may have been in the way of her car, as well) ... she was parked in one of the parallel disabled parking spots, facing the store and the cart was on the driver's side of the car.
so i got thinking, is there a way I can help her?
So, we stopped and helped her with the last of her groceries, and rode the cart in. My blind friend has a little vision, so was able to follow behind the cart.
As a caregiver, i know what it's like to be struggling getting stuff in the car and have people just walk right by you. It makes you feel invisable. Caregivers and people with disabilities feel invisible quite often sometimes. I know I had felt that way the last couple days (I had posted several things on Fb that i thought others would llike/ be interested in/ want to hear about (including our fun with getting my husband off the bus last week), and hardly any 'likes' and ZERO comments)... something as simple as someone leaving a bag of tomatoes on our doorstep todday was a reminder that i am not.... i was glad to be able to pay- it- forward and help this lady a little bit. Sometimes what a person needs isn't something physical. Encouragement and ackowldgement aren't physical things, but we all need them.
Then after dropping my friend off, on my way home, i stopped at Fred Meyer, and got some good deals... including some marked down soups that look to be gluten free... and stocked up my pantry a little bit for just under 25$!

Yep, it was definately a day fo both ups and downs!!
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    I'm so glad there are people in this world like you. Thank you for caring for others around you and going outside of your caregiver boundary (your hubby, your blind friend, and others you work with) to make sure others have the assistance they need when they need it at the store, or wherever you happen to be. I live quite a distance from my grandmother, and if she needed grocery help, I'm comforted knowing you're in the world... and others like you. :-) emoticon
    2405 days ago
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