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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here I am again and it's even a saturday! WOOHOO! Daily bloging is what i need to do to keep on track.

So today my eating was ok. My portions were defiantly smaller and i steered away from fried & fast food! SO YAY ME!!! The soda dosent even phase me anymore....LOVE IT!!

B: 1 slice plain bagel; 1 teaspoon mayo; 1 slice deli ham; 1 fried egg; 1/2 slice cheddar cheese; 1 banana
L: 1/2 cup ceaser salad; 1 1/2 cups pasta; 1 cup grilled chicken; iced tea
D: honestly i am not hungry after that huge lunch!

I walked on the beach today for 2 hours! I love walking on the beach with my pup! Got to catch up with an old friend who is getting her arse in gear too, for her son. He has weight issues (so does she) and he has reached out to her for help....that has really opened her eyes to what her choices food wise has caused. I urged her to start a spark page with him!! I told her to make him the blogger/information/challenge finder and she can be the cook and they can do it together. She thought it was a great idea! I hope to see her here, we play off each other GREAT!! I miss her daily friendship.

When I got home from the beach my husband asked me to go with him to get some work pants. We got him a couple pairs then he tells me that we are going to go get me some clothes too. He said my clothes are looking worn and i deserve new ones. emoticon hes so good to me. I walked through the store and grabbed things that i kinda liked and tried things on. I ended up with one shirt by the time he and i meet back up. He said, "come on baby you can do better then that" lol! He literally walked through the store with me and asked what i liked and didnt like and what my sizes were, and MADE ME try stuff on!! NO SH**!! FOR REALS! LOL!! it was a horrible thing to have to explain to my husband why certain things wouldnt fit (or look nice) and what sizes we were looking for. I told him that i will loose weight and have plenty of clothes to wear, so until then I will deal with what i have. He flat out told me that i looked like a hobo, and we wernt leaving until i had something!! OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! talk about a punch to the swollen belly!!

Standing in that dressing room, looking at my body as i tried on clothes that where 4 sizes bigger then when i got married was one of the worst moments in my life!! I felt ashamed of what i have allowed myself to become, and humiliated because if my own husband thought i didnt look my best, what must other people see when then look at me. I started at myself and realized that they see a girl who has given up, and didnt care about how she looked. It was heart breaking!! Right in that moment I came up with a plan! As soon as i got home i would clean out my closet!! I got rid of a huge black trash bag of ill fitting, stained, hole ridden, outdated, UGLY CLOTHES! Even a few pairs of shoes....hell i even got rid of undies and stuff!!

Now my closet is beautiful and I have come up with a system! On the bottom, off to the far right and in the bottom drawer are all clothes that i will be able to wear once I start getting the weight off. I have sizes pants from 12-8 just waiting for me to wear them!! On the top rod and middle shelf of the closet are the clothes that i can fit into now. Not much to choose from!!

I got rid of a lot of "security blanket" type of know the comfy stuff that you shouldnt really be wearing out of the house but you do anyway.....yeah i wore that stuff to work!!! LORD HELP ME....I KNOW! LOL! Anyway, I'm set!!!!! I know what has to be done and I WILL DO IT!!!

This is the dress I will wear in October to my 2 year wedding anniversary party.

Hell even if i don't have a party I'm gunna wear it!! I wore it once for my wedding shower but even then it didnt fit the way it "COULD HAVE". I should fit nicely into it in 30 days! YOU WATCH!!

This is my inspiration board!! I LOVE IT!!!

What i see is: I will see my collar bone, i will learn how to french braid, i will jog with my dog, i will do zumba, i will take a pole dancing fitness class, i will save money, i will drink more water, i will get a tan, i will start a flylady routine, i will get up early, i will have a sleek pin up look, i will get a 50's swimsuit!.....and so much more!

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  • AMANDAK1213
    I am so proud of you!!! You are doing awesome!!! Keep it up friend and you will be wearing that dress in no time!!! :-)
    2746 days ago
    OMG you just reminded me that I need to do my wardrobe. Alas I have hardly any clothes, I just shuffle them about. What I need to do is look at my clothes and BUY new ones that FIT me NOW and are not work clothes.

    Anyway, way to go, great attitude! Fired up for ya!
    2747 days ago
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