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Friday, September 09, 2011

HEYYYYY!!! I feel like I'm meeting up with an old friend for lunch when I come back on here and read everybodies blogs. I literally was laying in bed thinking "I miss being in my spark community". Just because the "losing" phase of my lifestyle change is over doesn't mean I don't want to share all my moments, good or bad, with you guys. I wish I had a following of readers lol I love to talk. But I have had a lot of changes physically, mentally, and emotionally that I figured were worth sharing.

We'll start with mentally and emotionally. I quit a toxic job that was tearing me down, causing me stress, and basically not worth the work. I'm a hairstylist and as you can imagine having a lot of women in one room can get kind of hairy (no pun intended). But I never had a problem. I never had any altercations with girls on the staff. I was technically the assistant manager in a way. But in the end I realized the company was paying us NOTHING for doing way too much work, and the person in charge was TOXIC. When I say toxic I mean made me feel depressed just by being around her. And I only realized it when my family started to say things like "You seem upset" or "you seem depressed". I started to get depressed in the last few weeks because I was missing a lot of family functions due to this job and being short staffed and not having the ability to take days off. And while the money was good for my lifestyle, in the end I knew as a person I couldn't continue the way it was going. Unfortunately it ended badly with arguing and yelling. But in a way it was the first time I'd stood up for myself. I always let people walk all over me and treat me like garbage and make me do more than is even expected of those around me. I volunteer to help and people take advantage of it. And only now am I seeing it and recognizing that I seek others approval and thats why it got to the point it did. But I feel proud that I could walk away from something that was only dragging me down.

And the best part? I got a job at A GYM! MY GYM. I don't want to say the name right now because I'm still in training and who knows if it will work out. I start training next week! I have always tried to get a part time job there and now I finally did. The staff seems great and they seem happy that I live the lifestyle I do. I also decided that during the Christmas break from college I'm going to try to start studying to get my personal training certificate. So in the end an emotional ending from one job led me down a different path, a path where I know what I'm doing is what I am passionate about.

Physically for a while nothing changed. I was getting lazy with strength training and doing the same moves over and over. FINALLY I said enough and started searching youtube and found this person named Jenn Aguirre who does workouts for women online. And I made up a strength routine based on her moves and I CANNOT MOVE!! It's really great to feel sore again. On top of that I am using this 30 day trial for this fancy club in a town nearby that I got for Christmas. Theres no way in hell I can afford 150 dollars a month for a gym but for 30 days it's free for me so I have been swimming every day and let me tell you. I officially am down to a size 6. I guess between changing my strength and then doing a completely different form of cardio, my body is confused and toning and everything! It feels great although to be sore but I am considering taking tomorrow off because I actually havent been this sore in a while and I'm having horrible charlie horses and that hasn't happened in a long time. My calves just wont relax theyre so tense and tight

Food wise, what's funny is when I don't pay too close attention to calories I tend to do better. Right now what's working best is eating my carbs in the morning and lunch. My diet changes constantly sometimes I'm into beans and no meat, sometimes I eat chicken nonstop for a month, sometimes I'm really into greek yogurt. Mostly right now I've been eating wawa wheat shorties with turkey and cheese lol. Theyre about 400 calories. And thats my big lunch. Breakfast has been either two slices of wheat toast or two wheat waffles with strawberry preserves. And dinner is really whatever we have. I've eaten out a bit, so I've had burgers with either half the bun or no bun. If I dont eat the bun I allow myself some fries. Last night we tried a new recipe I saw on spark from the 20 minute meals. It was a bean and cheese burrito and it was delicious and so easy. So thats my diet lately. But because I am starting this new job I do want to start planning my meals. Tonight I made chicken and baked it with BBQ sauce. I put it in a bag and I'm going to make a salad with it tomorrow and bring it with me to the gym. After the gym I've been STARVING, mostly because I'm not working yet so I spend TOO much time there, hence the wawa sub lol. But I want to start making my chicken on Sundays for the week. Even if it means going to shop rite and buying the managers special chicken and cooking it all that night. That way I either throw it on a wheat thin, a wrap, or just by itself. I just HATE eating out it bugs me. And I need to save some money.

So thats my plan and thats my life. Can't wait to catch up on all of yours!!
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  • LADYBUG1943
    It's fascinating to me that the lucky people who follow what they love seem to wind up with satisfying jobs. My husband is still working at 70 yrs. old, while so many cannot find jobs, and not only loves his work but is well-known in his industry for quality work. A good life, I must say. You don't know where this turn in the road will take you. Good luck!

    2624 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    That is wonderful news about your new job! It's exactly what I had started picturing you doing and definately being a trainer, too. I'm so proud of you!!
    2624 days ago
    Congrats on the GYM job! Very exciting.

    Congrats on size 6! emoticon

    Loved reading the different things you are doing and eating, gives me ideas of what successful people do!

    So glad you are back!!!!
    2627 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your job, but congrats on finding another one right away...I think its a great idea for you get become PT certified. Happy to hear you are keeping your weight off successfully. Might have to look up the lady you were talking about, I don't want to become bored with my weight training, either. Hope you have a great weekend!!
    2628 days ago
    woohooo great to hear your success and thanks for sharing! I took a break...and 20lbs up again...can't run a mile. back to learn for life! i burnt out
    2628 days ago
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