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Friday, September 09, 2011

Does anyone remember that movie? "The Never-ending Story"? Amazing movie.....with a great message! It's all about not giving up and making your dreams a reality.

Waiting for the nothing is the only way i can think to describe the funk I've been in lately. Really is like i gave up, sat down (like the rock brighter) and was just kinda waiting for all the bad things to settle at my feet. Bad as in finances, housework, weight, marriage, my job, the kid....all of it. I THREW IN THE TOWEL!

Little by little I am pulling myself out of it. Baby steps to making a new way to do things! I procrastinate and make excuses for EVERYTHING. I don't follow through with anything....hell I don’t even follow through with taking prescriptions full course! Stupid right?!

I’m working on changing that. One step at a time……..I have been making sure everything is ready for work in the morning (lunches, clothes, easy clean up…that kinda stuff), now I’m moving on to getting up early! I am going to start off slow just by being up and making that a habbit. Maybe I’ll start out with sipping my coffee and blogging. I’m going to work my way to cleaning up the house and then running/walking the dog before I get into the shower!! Serious baby steps, I know…..but at least I have a plan!

I have been making better choices with food over the last week too! Not been an angel by any means but still! I haven’t had a soda all week AMAZING (water and tea baby)!! I am reaching for more proteins, veggies, and fruit instead of junk food and I’m eating smaller portions. I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself right now. It’s a huge change from always feeling like “I cheated” on my diet…….I’ll get to where I wanna be. I WILL!!
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    Nah - chuck out the binder. Just remember 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes each day to do something... it all adds up and some of it becomes a habit.

    Goes for most things... 15 minutes...

    2750 days ago
    so nice to have some feed back.....i LOVE FLYLADY.NET! But when I say i don't follow through I MEAN IT! I have the control binder thingy set up, the way i thought it was supposed to be, but I just didnt get it. Besides that i felt like i was hauling around a huge binder thingy everywhere. I did however make up some "routines" when my girl was younger. We did it for a while but quickly slipped back into me just running around stupid and doing it all myself.

    That is another "to do" actually take the time to figure out flylady and get FLYING!

    I totally agree when my house and finances are in order i get my food issues under control. My ole' man is pretty good about cleaning up after himself. He's a semi-net freak....SCORE! LOL!
    Yeah master the small changes slowly and never get overwhelmed. Once mastered everything will seem small!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2750 days ago
    I have productivity issues. I see too much to do and can't figure out where to start and end up just ending up overwhelmed and don't do a single thing at all. For house cleaning , there is a website call flylady. Take a look at it, it just might help with starting habits.
    2750 days ago
  • -AIMIE-
    You are making some great progress. Just letting go of the soda alone is a big deal! I know what you mean about half-way doing things....I too suffer from that affliction. One of the things I have realized lately is that when things like my finances and house are more organized and in control... so is my mind and my body! It's like the physical clutter around you actually literally keeps you from cleaning up your lifestyle. I do really great for a while until I get mad that I am the only one doing anything around the house. I watch my boyfriend's mountain of soda cans pile up next to where he sits playing video games and then I go on strike until he decides to deal with the mess. Currently I am on strike with the housework :(
    Good job on the changes you are making and I honestly think mastering a few small changes slowly is better than trying to tackle it all at once...getting overwhelmed...and saying the hell with all of it LOL. Good luck to us :)
    2750 days ago
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