Terrible Thursday. Day 13 J.E. Challenge

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Well workout wise today was a rest day! I normally never did 3 rest days ever..lol but I really wanna follow jamie's plan.
*sigh* today was an "uh ohhh" day.

First of all...the past 2 nights I have been crazy sick. Like real upset stomach. I realized I haven't been going "number 2" at all like you'd think I should be with eating healthy and fiber (I know, TMI!!! Sorry guys!) It's been terrible. I seriously thought I had appendicitus. So hope tonights better. But so here's what happened.

I woke up at 830 still pretty sick, b ut wanted to get the meal in. So I ate my usual breakfast. 5 egg whites with salsa, coffe splash of almond milk, overnight oats with 1 TBS flax and berries.

pretty good so far eh?

Well at 10 is when it began. Chocolate craving. My mother bought twix and kitkats etc all in my refrigerater...it was killin me. I could feel a binge came on. So I "somewhat" gave in a little and had 2 peices of dark chocolate.

Not bad. "yet" that is... emoticon

so still naucious, I drove to school and at 1130am ate 3 protein bars, I cut one out because I ate the dark chocolate (66 cals about) I figured I'd just cut back on my midmorning snack.

Then 330 came time for lunch. I know, that's 4 hours but I have class straight til then. So I ate a turkey burger with ketchup and 2 plain rice cakes with 1 TBS all natural PB.

Still good. can't complain...yet...

Then dinner came. And I just was dying for birthday cake ice cream. My last mistake day was saturday, which was 5 days ago. I'd like to have waited til Sat. So I ignored it.

ignored it.

still trying to iiiiggggnnooore it.

Until. I gave in. *sigh* I ate probably a little over 1/2 cup. (I don't know exactly because well you know...I started measuring with 1/8 cup which is a joke with ice cream. really?? 1/8 cup. lol I'd assume about 1/2)

*sighs* This right after hearing Jamie's fb rant about people needing to do this to a T who are dedicated for results.

...but here's the catch.

I'm not a fitness guru. I'm not a personal trainer. I don't need a 6 pack. (I'd LOVE a tight tummy altho! haha) I'm not alot of things. I am a college girl wanting to tone up. I am wanting to eat clean and feel GREAT! I dont' feel great right now. But this is a lifestyle I want for life. If I sound like I'm coping out let me know! I guess I'm trying to be positive. I usually beat myself up. i wanted to follow jamie to a T. (and honestly still do want to). But if I don't tell myself I'm only starting week 3 and that 2 mistakes out of 2 weeks isn't bad compared to what I was doing, then I'd get real depressed.

So. In conclusion. today was a bad eating day. But tomorrow will be a fresh great new start and I'm gonna have a goal of maybe one small portioned cheat a week to keep cravings down.

As for the rest of the night, I counted the ice cream as my starch and ate a chicken breast dipped in balsamic dressing. Tasty! And later I'll probably eat cottage cheese or something of that sort. So, here's to hoping I have a few great blogs ahead! Hope you guys are doing great. Here's some last questions..

-Do you ever allow a cheat? If so, what, how often, and if you don't- what strategy do you do to resist?

-How are you liking the program? Seeing results? I was but the past 2 days (I believe to water retention from I believe being constipated from not drinking enough water, has made me feel so bloated!)

Well thanks sparkfriends!! Stay strong, remember you fall 7 times, get up 8! We can do this!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This nutrition program seems a little low on the fiber. Try to make sure you get enough fiber. Jamie also recommended taking a probiotic supplement to make sure your bowels are working properly. Your cheats were not bad and like others have said, you are not a professional body builder or fitness model. We all have to be realistic about our nutrition and expect some slip ups. I would suggest following the 80/20 rule. 80 percent great nutrition, 20% slipups or other foods not on the "plan". You seem to be doing great so far. Keep up the good work!
    2959 days ago
    Your treats dont seem that bad at all. I have little cheats here and there but I always limit it to one-two pieces of chocolate. But last night I was craving chocolate but I had a Planters NUT-rition bar instead (the antioxident one drizzled with chocolate). Maybe have something like that on hand, I dont know. Today is a new day. Dont beat yourself up over it, you are doing great!
    2959 days ago
    This is LIFE. I know I have to eat a cheat here and there to keep myself happy & sane. Who am I kidding? There has only been ONE day on this plan so far that I haven't had anything that wasn't on the "allowed foods" list. Even if it's just a little cheese. The important thing is to eat clean most of the time, follow the workout, and overall feed our bodies the fuel they need to thrive, but we shouldn't make ourselves miserable in the process. emoticon
    2960 days ago
    I think your "cheats" were very well controlled! You're right, being fit is not your profession. You're trying to juggle all of life's other demands too! Glad you blogged it out :)

    I have only been doing the program since Tuesday, so I can't say if I've noticed progress. However, I do feel better. I am allowing myself a "cheat" on Saturday because I have my good friend's bachelorette party..I'm not gonna be some lame-o and say "I'm on a diet"! Have a happy and healthy Friday!
    2960 days ago
    I've been having those gastrointestinal issues too!! I'm wondering if it's all the protein- I usually do a shake and a bar every day... I've read a few other posts with the same issue.
    2960 days ago
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