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Help! I'm stuck!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I wasn't going to do a blog today, but I can't hold back any longer.

I need help and I'm in need of it desperately.

I am stuck in maintenance! I have not reached my goals yet. I need to drop another 30 - 35 pounds to reach my goal. I am constantly hungry now, but when I was doing the 1000 calories a day plan, I was never hungry. That, apparently is starvation mode for me so I'm now at 1600 calories a day. I have a hard time getting there sometimes and sometimes I go over, but hey, I'm still on maintenance. I want to lose. What do I need to do (short of taking a knife to myself) to lose this weight that refuses to go away. I've been stuck here for months and I'm getting real jealous of those that are losing their weight in bunches of more than 1 pound a day. Even that would be alright!

Anyone that can help - please throw me a line! I don't need encouragment by way of pep talks. I need real help in getting off maintence in the wrong place on my journey.
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    Hi Ghost,
    I agree with SRBROWN2. You might want to change up your exercise routine.
    2475 days ago
  • LOSER05
    Hello, try 1200 calorie intake and I know you just (DON'T) want to hear this. but you might have to add on some more emoticon and see if that works.
    2475 days ago
    Most people reach a plateau at some time and the closer you get to a normal goal weight the harder it gets to lose. It sounds like you are eating something to trigger yourself - indicated by the constant hunger. That usually is some kind of carb. You need to assess your food intake and identify what is causing the problem and eliminate it. You also need to change your exercise plan. Carb and calorie cycling, by going high and low in your ranges, can also help. 1600 calories may be too much for you to lose. I don't lose at that. Try 1200 to 1400 calories and exercise and hour minimum every day. The scale should move.
    2477 days ago
    Just my opinion, but when you get the carbs sufficiently "out of your system" you are never hungry. I don't feel that is "starvation mode" It means what you are doing is right. Most low carb plans don't recommend counting calories.

    I fully understand the starvation mode, I understand about eating more food. I lose best when I eat a three big low carb meals.

    If you feel better getting 1600 calories a day then keep doing that but look at what you are eating. Too much of certain foods will cause you to stall. Here are some: too much cheese; too much artificial sweetners; too many bars and shakes.

    I would suggest making a menu and sticking with it for a week. Lots of fresh meats, eggs and veggies. Hold off on the fruits and grains for a week. Then if you start losing add your favorite item back in. (just one that equals 5 grams of carbs). If you are still losing then the third week add you next favorite food (still 5 grams of carb). Just continue with this plan until you stop losing. Remove the food that caused you to stop losing for one week. If you are still losing then add a different food in.

    Be sure to test your glucose levels everyday!

    I hope this helps.

    2477 days ago
    I can say I understand since I have been stuck for awhile also but keep telling myself that I'm still down 15 pounds for the year even though it has not been a lot lately.
    I keep saying Never,never,never,never,give up emoticon
    2478 days ago
    Wish I had more than "pep" to offer- but I sure did appreciate the suggestions from other sparkers-

    But hey, back to pep- which is what I am good at- I encourage you to love your body and rejoice for the weight not going back up!

    take care, my sparkling friend!
    2478 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Hi Pat,
    I think everyone has made good recommendations. (That Dssecrets knows what she talking about ;)) I would just check with your doctor and see what he says. Keep in mind when I came out of the hospital in May, I had to fool around with my nutrition and exercise plans to see what would work for me. You might have to do the same thing. Don't get hung up on the maintenance thing. This sounds like a plateau. When you do hit your goal weight, then you can start looking at that. Remember it's a journey. All the best and see you soon.
    2478 days ago
    My hairdresser, who recently lost 50 pounds, told me that when she plateaued, she talked to her doctor who suggested a 1-day caloriefest. She ate as much as she wanted of everything she wanted (that was healthy, of course) for 1 day. It didn't make her feel good (you know that feeling when you overeat), but it got the scale moving again.

    For me, I seem to start dropping again when I cut back on my exercise for a few days (even up to a week). Sounds weird, but I think it shocks my body. I've even lost weight when I haven't exercised for a few days, and then the scale really starts moving when I start up again.

    You just have to try different things until you find what works for you. It's just another challenge on our journey.
    2478 days ago
    I wrote back if the forum...but I was wondering about how many carbs your eating and where there coming from? Also maybe you took your calories up to much at once...it's a big jump from 1000 to 1600...my calorie range varies in between 1250 and 1650...but I usually don't watch them at all...only my carb intake...

    Also do you do a cheat day...once I incorporated a cheat day my weight would go up for a day but then it was gone the next and would keep moving down for the rest of the week...

    KEEP ME POSTED emoticon
    2478 days ago
    I'm no wheres near an expert...but the only thing I can recommend is to change your DIET completely! Change all the types of foods you eat. When I was on JC, I wouldnt lose anything b/c my body was sooo used to the food.

    Also measure everything exactly to make sure you arent going over or under.

    If you still dont lose..maybe visit a doc to see if your thyroid is ok...

    Hope this helps..And I know how you feel...had the same feelings when i started and worked my a$$ off literally and lost nothing.

    Once I changed foods..its started to come off.
    Even if maybe taking a week off completely of everything and eat kind of anything you want...then shock your system with good eats...IF you can control that...its hard to do.
    Good luck FG..stay focused...we are here for you
    2478 days ago
    I am not really sure what your diet looks like, so if you are already going by this, then disregard. While it's important to watch calories, it's also important to make sure you are eating right. This website has given me 1200-1500 calories, and sometimes, it's not enough. I still feel hungry. So, I have been doing some research lately, and here is a good article that I have really taken to: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource
    By incorporating beans (1x/day), grains (at least 5x), fruits (2-3x), and vegetables (3x), I feel fuller. For curbing your hunger in a healthy way, try looking at the above article as well as doing more research on Spark People. They have some really great articles.

    As for exercise, try some new things. If you continue to do the same routine, your body gets bored, and it no longer burns as many calories. Try group fitness classes, running, swimming, water aerobics, strength training, etc. Also, stay within your heart rate range (there is an article on this website about it as well as a calculator). Lastly, try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I hear this is fantastic. It is supposed to burn calories anywhere from 12-24 hours AFTER your workout. There are lots of free videos on BodyRock.tv

    Good luck! I hope this helps!
    2478 days ago
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