My Job is Making Me Fat!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Have you ever been tested? No, I mean REALLY tested like to what you consider to be the limits of your own physical endurance? Well, for me, today was that day.

Yesterday, I had a really AWESOME day nutrition and excercise-wise. I even managed to turn in my design project on time. The kicker is that I turned it in the AM, three hours before I had to be up to go to work.

I've done this before, many times, so don't feel sorry for me. This isn't a POOR ME blog today but rather this is a, WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING, blog. Yesterday, as I said, I had a really good day all around. It was my off day, one of four since we've had to cut back to only working three days a week due to the economy. There just aren't as many houses to be cleaned like before when we were working five days a week, eight to ten hours per day. Now, we're lucky if we work twenty-one hours per week. Thankfully, my pay hasn't changed since I'm on salary but, I've come to the realization that STRESS from my job, both physical and mental, is the leading cause to my weight gain in recent years.

I've been cleaning houses since November of 2004 for the family business. It's a physically demanding job in and of itself: vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sweeping, making and stripping beds, etc. On the best days when we only have four or five houses to clean and they're not the huge gargantuan McMansion-type I usually do pretty good with eating and excercising. Today though was not one of those days.

Again, this is not a gripe, just a fact finding mission. After having such a stellar day as I did yesterday I compared my activities between the two days and realized that when I'm away from work, I do FANTASTIC in the eating and excercising department. When I'm at work, stressed out, physically exhausted, and melting from the heat wave of the summer days I don't do as well.

Now, I do pack a HEALTHY lunch, everyday. Yogurt, almonds, granola bars, fresh fruit, icc cold water, and usually a Healthy Choice Steamer meal or a lean turkey sandwich on wheat. Today I packed that same bag full of the aforementioned healthy selections but, I was so physically drained from not getting enough sleep, plus having to work in the heat, that instead of eating all of the healthy selections in my bag, I listened to my body which started to crave salt and carbs and high-fat food: in a word, McDonald's. Now, I had eaten all of the fresh fruit, yogurt, granola bar, some of the almonds, and drank about a glass of water during the day. However, towards the end of the day, when I began to run out of steam due to the lack of sleep and the physical stress and exertion the cravings started.

I won't say that I caved, though I did, but I will say instead that I listened to my body and what it said that it needed and ordered that McDonald's cheeseburger value meal with a sprite and hot fries. And what I noticed after I'd finished eating it was that I wasn't satisfied. Even though I'd just ingested about 1100 calories worth of food I wasn't as satisfied by eating it as I would have been if I'd eaten some baked tilapia with a side of broccoli and a piece of garlic bread. To me, the second option sounds much yummier and more filling than the value meal. And today proved that point. When I don't get enough sleep, combined with the physical and mental exertion of my job, I make less than stellar choices in the eating department.

How many of you can say the same? Have you ever packed a really healthy lunch only to find yourself raiding the vending machine at work or making that midday run to the nearest fastfood place to grab a quick bite? If so, do you notice a difference in how your body responds or reacts after you've done this?

Well, as for me, I went home after work, took a bath, cleaned my kitchen, and put on a load of clothes to wash, then promptly passed out for about five or six hours before waking up at around 10PM.

Again, I've done this before but today I just realized that this is why in the past I've found it so hard to get the weight off and keep it off. No worries, though, because this evening when I did wake up I had some yogurt with almonds and a kiwi fruit for a snack so those GOOD eating habits that I've been working so hard to build since January haven't deserted me entirely.

This is my point: Getting enough sleep, preparing healthy food choices and meals, drinking enough water, getting plenty of exercise and downtime = a Healthy, Happy Cordia.

So what's your formula for a successful weightloss journey?
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    I just wrote a blog called Take back the power. I, too, have had many times like these. You have to remember you are in control dear and you can do this!

    I am wishing you all the best and keep going girl, it does get easier. I am truly sorry work is so darn frustrating at times! emoticon
    2450 days ago
    This has happened to me too many times to count. Healthy food on hand, but stressed brain says, "Nope, you want fried junk!" And you're so right. It's never as satisfying as you anticipate it to be. My strategy for these situations is to do exactly what you did - forgive myself and get back to healthy eating ASAP! 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It's all good! If I can convince my stressed brain that it doesn't need the junk, I'll usually bargain with myself and say that if I eat healthy for this meal I'll treat myself to a non-food reward at the end of the day. Sometimes that's enough to keep me out of my own way. Keep on keepin on!
    2450 days ago
  • -AIMIE-
    Girl I wrote a blog the other day called LESSONS LEARNED. I still haven't figured it all out but I do know that the 5 points I have touched on in that blog have made me feel like I am doing this right this time around. It is not coming off fast but it is coming off and the most important thing is I feel like I have some control. I have been eating pretty low-carb for a little over a month now and I like the way I feel. My cravings don't control me now!!! I still need to work on portion control, eating breakfasts, and consistent workouts but no more am I giving in to fast food and little debbie snacks! Read it and see what you think...
    2450 days ago
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