Getting stronger!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It's important to realize that we make strides in ways other than pounds lost. I can tell how much stronger I'm getting. And I did change my goal to becoming fit rather than just losing a certain number of pounds.

When I did Day 2 Week 6 of my 5K training on Tuesday not only was I able to spin for 64 minutes and then do the training (for 63 mins) but I was able to do 9 intervals instead of 7 and ran for 3 1/2 minutes for 5 of them and 4 minutes for the last interval instead of 3 minutes. My gym has the new Matrix stepper. When I went on it months ago I was ready to collapse after 2 minutes on level 1. The other day I did over an hour on level 6. These are great NSV (non-scale victories.)

Muscles are starting to emerge. Can't wait to get my cholesterol numbers later this month because I'm eating so much healthier. It's a great feeling.

Think about upping your physical activity. Join a Challenge whether a great weight one like the Fall 5% Challenge (
) or an activity one like a 5K Your Way. You'll be excited by your progress and it will keep you going!
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