My Computer Crashed & what I found out about ME!!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

When my computer crashed several weeks ago, I learned numerous things about what my eye disease, Wet Macular Degeneration, was actually doing to me. This disease has left me partially blind after 9 different surgeries to my eyes.
Since I wasn’t spending time staring at my computer monitor, several things became clearer to me, (no pun intended). Those were:

1. I could read my Bible easier, even the large print one I have, a real blessing to me.
2. But then I noticed that I could read the amounts of recipes ingredients easier.
3. The markings on our microwave, washer/dryer and our remotes were clearer.
4. It was easier to dial the phone and read my watch.
5. Even writing checks and reading mail/newspaper was easier.
6. Not to mention I could distinguish colors a bit easier and even see that 1/4” seam allowance when quilting.
7. I had a tiny bit more time to get in some exercise and stretches in which actually improved my back pain.

These improvements in my sight meant that I wasn’t stressing my eyes on the computer as much and this really was a big revelation to me as I thought that I had been handling the situation pretty well. Now I realize that I must take care of what sight I have left, which at the same time will also improve the quality of my “real” life. By cutting back the time on my computer I’ll have more time to walk and train our new little puppy, more time to read, quilt and more time to stretch and exercise my back. All these changes will make for a happier me and my DH to!!!!!!!

Therefore I resigned my leadership on the OALB Team, signed out of some, but not all, of my other teams. The OALB Team and its members mean too much to me to leave that team. In general I will cut out reading lots of Sparks’s e-mails and blogs, I love being on Sparks, I love being a Sparkie, it’s been a God send to me, so I’m not leaving Sparks.

So fellow Sparkles’ please forgive me if I don’t always answer you promptly, but know I appreciate your goodies and comments more than you know.

Thank You for understanding. I’m still a Sparkie and still Sparking.

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