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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

So the first few weeks of school have passed by. I guess it's time I talked about how I like my classes:

Research Methods - It's okay. I don't really know where I am going to stand in this class though. It seems I'm just as lost as everyone else, so I guess that's good.

Inferential Statistics - Sigh. So far it's been a breeze, and I am regretting being in the class. I'm hoping it picks up though, and I can say I'm honestly getting a good review of basic stats by the end of the semester. I'm also peeved that Blackboard screwed up and didn't save my answers on one section (and I can't redo it) so right now it looks like I'm doing terrible even though I'm probably one of the more bored students.

Advanced Social Psychology: Intimate Relationships- This is fun, but I don't get why he's having us do the readings we have to do for the grad section. I'm hoping the tests for the grad students are take home, especially with these 20+ page papers he's having us read, and that one chapter from a book that's probably 70 pages total...

Office Hours - This will be a great way to write for Gaming Bus or do homework. Today I got quite a bit done.

Sit in Psychology 102 Lecture - I don't have to do anything for this class, as I'm not enrolled in it. I just sit in because I'm a teaching assistant. Today I did homework during it, but usually I listen in on the lectures. It's a nice review and the lecturer is great.

Applied Psychology Seminar - Haha, well, there are three students in this class, including me. Basically it's a "How to be an Applied Grad Student" class... It's okay. I'm a bit freaked out about everything they're going to want me to do, but I'll deal with it as it comes. Also, apparently I am going to be applying for a $30,000/year (for three years) grant here in November... Wish me luck...

Teaching Assistant Seminar - I can't really say much about this class. It basically prepares me for Fridays, when I have my discussion sections.

Psychology 102 Discussion Section (TA) - I feel like I'm really boring but I guess my students seem to like me and I like them, so things will get better as time goes on I guess.

I'm trying not to get too involved this semester outside of class, but I have joined Middle Eastern Dance Enthusiasts, Psi Chi, Secular Student Alliance, and our GSA (gay-straight alliance). MEDE meets once a week on Wednesdays, Psi Chi meets once a month, SSA meets once a week or once every two weeks (don't remember) on Thursday, and the GSA meets... I don't know how often yet. I've told them all I'm a grad student and school comes first, but generally speaking I'm hoping to take more of a grad student advisor role in Psi Chi and the GSA eventually, rather than an active member. I'm certainly not taking any leadership positions in any of them; I just won't have time with working on my Masters thesis and then Doctorate dissertation, studying for prelims, taking classes, running research, and being either a research assistant or teaching assistant. I'd like to get more involved but I'm just not going to have time.

My boyfriend and I are doing well. He came to visit this past weekend and we had some really important talks, and I feel pretty good about where our relationship is right now. We were having a slight problem communicating last month, but we worked that out. Other than that, I don't think I have any complaints in that department.

I've made a few friends while I've been here. There are two other girls in my cohort; we had a guy but he dropped after the second day. I guess he wasn't sure if the school would be a good fit and figured out by the second day he didn't want to be there. I guess he's at a different school now? I dunno.

As far as medicine goes, I'm due for my blood being drawn to see how my thyroid meds are working. I'm hoping to get that scheduled sometime really soon. I also need to get some fillings; ditto on trying to get that scheduled. As far as how I feel, most of my symptoms have disappeared, so that's great. I'm at 168 the last time I weighed myself, which is what I was at when I was working out two hours a day five days a week. I'm hoping once I start figuring out how to work out with my schedule I'll start losing more. Lately I've been feeling kind of fatigued, which worries me a little, but it could also be stress, so. I'm not terribly worried, only slightly so. The doctors will be able to figure it out.

Speaking of working out, I have extra motivation to do so: I may be in a calendar! A nonreligious organization at my old locale is wanting to make a calendar and I might be in it. I am not sure if I want to yet, but if I do, I definitely want to look my best! I tried out for the soccer team here; they haven't emailed me about practices or anything, but I don't think I'm going to be able to do it anyway. The practices are late at night and I don't have the energy at that time to do two hours of working out. Perhaps once I'm back in shape and have my full strength and stamina back, I'll be able to really get into soccer again. Sadly, at this point, I just don't think it's feasible.

I guess I should head to bed now. Good night all!
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  • no profile photo CD6842331
    Wow! You are really busy!

    3307 days ago
  • DR1939
    I always loved Research Methods classes--both taking them and teaching them. My students didn't always feel the same. They're important tools. The Social Psyc class sounds marvelous.

    Keep up the good work and don't forget to enjoy life while in graduate school.
    3309 days ago
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