J.E. Day 11...day of revelations

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

So today was a day of revelations! Let me share with you my triumphs.

For one sparkfriends guess what I figured out. How to eat cottage cheese and not gag!!!
YES! I said it! Cottage cheese...I tried everything until 2 days ago.

Picture it. My sisters Tastefully Simple party.

Okay okay I know!!! Sounds like a bad set up. But no fear sparkfriends I didn't eat bad at all. Little little tastes. So my sisters mother in law and I were talking about eating and she mentioned eating cottage cheese. So I asked her how she eats it!! She said salt, pepper and tomato.

Wait what, rewind.

Yep. Salt, pepper and tomato. How weird a combo!! haha but she swore by it. and Guess what!! It was great!!!


Not "great". hahah but tolerable!!! I had the same problem with plain non-fat greek yogurt. I tried it on waffles, with kiwi, anything!! But found it gross. UNTIL a sparkfriend mentioned adding 1 tsp. honey with cinnamon and splenda with berries...okay...sparkfriends.
..that is GREAT. Oh how I miss it!! Greek yogurt this week was $6 for a small tub while cottage cheese was $3. The poor college girl in me went for the cheese! haah

Also...i don't know what's wrong with my whey vanilla protein. Maybe it's generic? I didnt' pay attention. It's called "Pure Protein". And ughhh. not the best. Unless I add like 1 whole cup of straw to a ***1/2** scoop of it, the stuffs not tolerable. So, again, a sparkfriend mentioned adding cocoa to the shake for taste. and guess what...awesome. So glad I have sparkfriends who have awesome ideas!!!

Anyone else notice being tired? This was brought up by the J.E. team leader Fit Whit. However, she's been doing cardio which may answer why she has no energy. For me, I have energy all day but I sleep sooo long!! For instance, if I dont' have class until 11am, I'll go to bed at 10p.m. dead tired and sleep til 8am or so!

I also find myself very hungry! I can't wait til the 3 hrs come up! haha which is very new to me!!! But so is clean eating and weights! I'm use to cardio, so I hope this is normal!!

So here's how today went.

9:00a.m. = 5 egg whites with salsa, overnight oats with 1tbs flax and strawberries and blueberries.


12:15p.m.= 4 protein bars

** 2 classes

3:30p.m.= 5oz. turkey pork chop, carrots and 3/4cup chickpea salad with 1TBS balsalmic

**GYM for shoulder/abs**

6:30p.m. = **small chicken thigh. I bet 3oz. J.E. wants you eating 6 oz. Probably why i was sooo hungry still. Along with 2 small chocolate protein bars, 2 rice cakes with 1 TBS all natural PB

^^Yeah...i was STILL hungry lol and I mean hungry. Not "I was bored" or "craving"...but hungry!!

7:30p.m= Had a whey protein shake (1/2 scoop only) with 1/2 cup almond with and 1 TBS cocoa. Not bad!

I may be done for the night as I am superrrr tired. haah only 830!!! haha if not, I'll do cottage cheese or egg whites or sunflower seeds etc. So that's my spill!!! hahah Have a great week guys!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can only tolerate the cottage cheese also. DH loves it with salt, pepper and tomato. I like to mix fruit in mine, especially blueberries.
    Jamie Eason said you will probably be hungry sometimes but thats because your metabolism is revving up. Maybe that is the case. Although I think we all have those hungry days, at least you made healthy choices. emoticon
    2962 days ago
    I LOOOOOVE cottage cheese & tomato (had it last night, in fact)! When I was a kid I would beg my mom to cut up a tomato into a bowl shape, then scoop cottage cheese & tuna salad on top. YUM!

    Looks like you're not eating enough food to me. I would add in more protein as well as some healthy fat (almond butter or something).
    2962 days ago
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