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"Pride Goeth. . ."

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

“Pride Goeth. . . “

I have always been early to appointments –ok, I have prided myself on being early. I had one of those subsequent falls (Pride goeth before the fall…) last week – But it was only because I wasn’t paying attention. I was late for a doctor’s appointment – well, not LATE, LATE, but exactly on time and for me, that’s late.

Driving over to her office, I had been mentally searching the freezer to plan the dinner menu, when I realized I didn’t know where I was! Now, I couldn’t be :”lost” Could I?– I had lived and worked in this city for twenty-seven years. Lost? That was silly. I just didn’t know where I was. I had taken a wrong turn and found myself in a neighborhood totally unknown to me.

I checked my watch and saw that I had better “move it” or I would be late. I knew if I just kept going west. I would eventually come to an area I knew. I did – to the interstate! at least ten miles from the doctor’s office. I could get there if I took some short cuts (those that I knew). Predictably, the parking lot was just about full and I had a little walk to her building. Thankfully I had my chair-cane with me (You know, the kind of cane that opens into a seat?) and it took me more time resting before I got down that LOONNNG hall to the elevators.

Made it! Without thought (again!) I hit the button for the 4th floor. Got off the elevator and didn’t recognize the floor at all. Whoops, must have hit the wrong button. Tried again and found myself in equally strange territory on the 3rd floor. Feeling very foolish, I finally thought to check the Office/Doctor listing on the elevator wall. Guess what! I needed the 5th floor. I met my doctor coming out of her office door as I was going in. I think from her expression, she must have thought I wasn’t coming. After all, I was always early!

It gets even stranger – when I related my funny story to my therapist later that day, she asked if I had told my doctor. Well, no – and I got “he double sticks!” (“hell”) Well, not really but - Now, tell me, so what if my doctor is a psychiatrist – for med management. It didn’t seem pertinent to my visit, rather time-wasting, to tell funny stories.

I am fine, I am ok, I am ok – it was just a lack of attention – not approaching senility or anything. Right?
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  • ENUFF81020
    Hi there,

    I don't think you have had anything more than a human moment, my friend. I am thinking it might have been a bit scary though.

    I'm with DEBIGENE on two counts--I don't know what the "double sticks" comment is and I am totally glad that you are positing again. I am so busy that it always takes me a while to get caught up. It was good to see your thread on OALB. Let's talk more, soon!!

    Gentle hugs,
    2732 days ago
    not long ago I was on my way to my brother's house and I ended up at the barn.... I had to sit there for a bit because I had already fed horses and could not for the life of me remember why I had to come to the barn.... Sometimes we just have those days..

    I am so glad to see you back and posting on SP... have missed your insights..
    2747 days ago
    Thanks - and I have to tell you again - I really love the name you use - it makes me think! Meri
    2748 days ago
    I can't say one word.......had a day once where I beat feeted it out of the house, hellbent on getting SOMEWHERE quickly, because I had it in my head that it was very important, whatever it was I was going to do....only to get to the stop sign up the road and think, "OK.......uh, where was I going????" Do you know I STILL don't have a clue??? And that was over ten years I was only in my 40's. LMAO Yes, I'm sure the doc gave you the dickens 'cause they're big into doing mental status checks on us 'seniors', to determine if we are suffering a decline that is not normal. I hope this was just an isolated know if it happens frequently, it might be worth checking out, but one episode on a scatterbrained day happens to ALL of us! LOL
    2748 days ago
    Thanks all of your nice Sparks!!!!!!!!! I'm still laughing at myself - and "h e double sticks"? equals h-e-l-l a leftover from childhood when my brother and I wanted to communicate without parental criticism - they caught on rather quickly and we had to come up with code words!!!! emoticon
    2749 days ago
    Meri, it is soooo nice to hear from you again. I've missed you, my dear friend.

    As for your little encounter, I too, know what both of you mean.

    I'm glad you are both still okay.

    Love you, girls!
    2749 days ago
    Sweetie, I've been there! Recently, too...and I just barely turned 65!

    We live 1 block SW of a major street. I just had to take the major street north maybe half a dozen stop lights to get to a library where I was facilitating officer training for the Toastmasters organization to which I belong.

    Straight shot!

    Coming home there was a big Walgreens at one of the lights. I had been searching for something for my partner so I turned in. When I finished shopping (without her product-they didn't carry it) I actually got off on the cross street. When I reached the next light, I knew I had gone the wrong direction but still was baffled. There was quite a bit of traffic, but eventually I turned around the right way. It took over twice as long to get home though.

    It doesn't have the option to add a link here so you will have to 'copy and paste' this in the address bar. It's a funny video about the memory lapses we experience as we (ahem) age. (BTW, I have read that our long term memory actually improves with age):

    2749 days ago
    Well gee friend, I'm glad to hear you are ok. But I don't understand what "he double sticks" means. But getting lost in a place that I am totally familar with is something I can relate to as well. I bet it happens to a lot of us.

    Hope everything else in your world is going well. Keep in touch.
    2749 days ago
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