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Weight loss problems

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I guess I'm in a thinking mood today..which is bad for me...but I thought I would share what I have been thinking about.
First,let me start by saying I mean no offense to anyone, but I guess all this rain has put me in a dark mood. I tend to get a little scary when I get this way. Not scary to me..just other people see me that way. No worries...I'm fine!
I have been dealing with a friend of mine who is loosing a lot of weight, too quickly for me, due to her recent diagnosis of diabetes. I have known her for 9 years and she has been heavy ever since I met her, and she was years before I met her. We even attended the same weight loss classes I mentioned in my other blog. I lost the 98 lbs. she barely lost any. No matter what she did..even eating one meal a day (another story, not by her choice) she wasn't loosing anything...maybe a pound or 2, then gain it back.
Since she is a bit of a hypochondriac, bless her heart, she is always at the doctors and having blood work, etc.She did have thyroid cancer and needed a hysterectomy due to cancer and her mom had several I see why all the dependence on drs.
Anyway, back to the subject. I told her she was loosing weight too fast all of a sudden and needed to see a dr. He thought it was good she was loosing and let it go at that. When the loss kept going , I made her insist on blood work again...she was just in the hospital for a week and nothing was said. Now when the tests came was diabetes. All these years the drs praised her for great blood sugar results, great blood pressure and excellent cholesterol , always told her everybody should have her numbers...suddenly she's diabetic. She's still loosing, has a new dr. , he said that's great, she has more to loose.He will "watch it" and if it keeps up, down the road will see what he may need to do!That's one thing I'm thinking about.
We were also talking about her family.
Drs. push a lot of people into having By-Pass surgery and it may not always be a good thing. Drs. insisted that my friends brother have BP surgery to help stop the pain in his back. He was hurting so bad, that he agreed.He died 3 times on the table and then developed peritonitis and almost died. To shorten the never did help his back..he was in so much pain that he had to use Hydracodone and eventually got hooked.
Drs. also insisted her daughter who has MS needed the surgery. I warned her that the MS will make her loose weight too, but she had it. Was doing good, till she started to loose more and more , due to the got scary...but she has quit loosing, finally.
Her sister had it done too. In my opinion, she wasn't that heavy to start with, don't know why drs. wanted it done? She now looks like a walking skeleton and is still loosing..drs. don't know why!!
My cousin's wife had it done..lasted a while...but has since gained all the weight back and then some! She said loosing that way doesn't teach you how to really eat the right way. What you can and can't eat to keep the weight off.
My cardiologist and PC both asked me if I wanted it done. My answer was " Are you trying to kill me?" My cardiologist smiled and said.."I'm glad you feel that way" and never said anymore about it. My PC never brought it up again either. I guess they had to offer.
The other thing the drs never address is "what do we do with all the excess skin hanging there when we are done?" We are lucky if our insurance covers skin removal or we ourselves can pay for it..fine..if not? The drs. are done with us..we are now left to live out the rest of our lives the best we can.
Shows like "Biggest Looser" ( I can't stand it, for many reasons) always center on how much was lost..and miraculously..they look like supermodels when done..just not so! Stress the surgery and pain that was needed!

As for me and BP..The idea behind BP is to eat less...they tell me to eat more!! Don't think that will work then!
This is off subject - but here it goes...
Breakfast ----- either a bowl of cereal 1c. to 11/2c.of either , Rice Krispies, Cheerios,Special K (got to watch that one) and maybe one box of Frosted Flakes every 3-4 months as a treat to me. No sugar. 1/2 cup of 2%milk or Skim Milk.
Other choice: 2 eggs, 2 slices white bread ( I know), maybe slice of cheese sometimes.
Reason to eat: need to take my meds that require food to go with them!

Supper:2 Chicken Patties,or cooked chicken, salsa or mustard, no bread, and a veggie if I'm hungry enough to eat that much. OR Once or twice every couple of weeks a porkchop with veggies.Rarely some hot dogs, very seldom with bread maybe veggies if hungry enough. Sometimes I add rice with the meat. Or I'll just have a plate of noodles with salsa,or sometimes margarine and seasonings.Reason to eat: Have to take meds that require food with them.

Bedtime: 2 slices of bread / peanut butter. Reason to eat: Meds that require food with them.

Beverages: I have cans of Ginger Ale in the house because I am not allowed any antacids due to meds, so I need something to relieve the gas or stomach ache. I drink regular GA, not allowed any food or drink with artificial sweeteners in it..Drs. orders, also it tends to give me the runs...badly!! So I don't mind that.A 12 pack can last me a month at the least , sometime a lot more! I use Iced tea, 1 glass a day as a break. I also don't drink much water.( I know, I enough problems..don't need to feel like I can float a battleship, too.) I do try.
I can go almost all day without eating and before the meds, I did very often.People look at me and think I stuff my mouth all the time..little do they know. That's why I never label people when they are really don't know why. Also meds I'm on tend to make you gain weight and I am also retaining a lot of fluid!!Don't know why!!

I guess I should have written this blog out before posting..I'm all over the place! Tend to get long winded! Kids in school told me that too. I can't give one word or brief answers..have to give explanations and tell stories to get the point across..SORRY!
GOOD THING I DON'T POST OFTEN! Computer would run out of room!!!
Again, sorry didn't mean to offend anybody! Thanks for taking the time to read all this! emoticon
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  • MAXIE56
    I had Gastric Bypass and it saved my live, yes I did regain a little but it is coming off again, I did work hard on learning how to eat right and how often, it may not be for everyone and my doctors did not push me, bbut it was the right thing for me
    2481 days ago
    I know of a person who died after BP surgery. She became septic and never lost any weight. Another guy I know gained it all back and then some. Another lady did very well, but she has other illnesses now. So, I am not a real fan of the surgery myself.

    Funny how medical experts just get caught up in the loss of weight and don't stop to consider that the person may actually be ill. Too much, too fast is really not good for anyone! One major problems is the extra skin you mentioned!

    Well, water may help you lose some of what you are retaining. I need to get back to my usual drinking water and nothing else! Good luck with your continued loss!
    2481 days ago
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