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It is NOT not about the Twinkie(fill in the blank-- junk food of your choice)in your grocery cart

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Monday, September 05, 2011

It is NOT not about the Twinkie(fill in the blank-- junk food of your choice)in your grocery cart

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Please, no Twinkie bashing. I don’t even like Twinkies. I think I subconsciously used the word Twinkie, because one of my co-workers uses the word to describe an incompetent co-worker(the company president’s daughter). She is a sweet girl, not very intelligent, not good for the company(it is a waste of money to pay her). She doesn’t want to work there, but she can’t land another job, despite her numerous attempts. So she is like a Twinkie.

Just for the record, there were no Twinkies in my cart. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

While in the grocery, waiting in line, looking in my cart, and other shopper’s carts, I had some random thoughts in my head. emoticon Thank you SparkPeople emoticon. It went something like this…

Imagine the body that you want to have. Not the airbrushed, super model, cover girl body. The body that you will feel comfortable inside. The ideal body weight for you. emoticon The fit and trim you. This is your vision for YOU. This is the starting point and the point we will re-visit. This starting point has nothing to do with the excess weight you have. If you focus on the weight, this will not work. emoticon Getting fit and trim is rarely about the weight. Well if it’s not about the weight, what is it about?

It is not about the food. BUT it is NOT not about the food either. This is where emotional eating comes in, (well duh—do people really say that?). Food is fuel for your body. To sustain and nourish it. Not something you do when you are bored, sad, grieving, pissed, or feeling out of control. If you can eat an entire box of Twinkies and get to that goal vision you have for yourself, then GREAT. Knock yourself out. But if the Twinkies are getting in the way of achieving that vision…WHY are they in your kitchen? Or WHY are they even in your grocery cart? Is the food in your cart going to help you reach your goals? Or is it going to get in the way of your vision?

Does your body even want the Twinkie? No, your mind wants the Twinkie. Eat what your BODY wants, and STOP when you’re full. Don’t clean your plate! emoticon I don’t care what Mother says. She knows how to push those buttons because SHE installed them!

Commit to making the changes you want. It is not going to take care of itself. It will take time and effort. emoticon And above all, celebrate your successes. emoticon Take time to reflect on your achievements.

Be realistic.
Be happy.
Be Sparked.

emoticon emoticon emoticon Trish
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