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I smell Fall in the air, Pumpkin, Breakfast, Ice Cream and... Fashion???

Sunday, September 04, 2011

emoticonYesterday morning on my way out the door I noticed how much cooler it had gotten. I had worn my flip flops to the gym (I put my workout shoes on there) and my toes were actually a bit cold! Well well! Fall is here! And I couldn't be more excited!!! Of course this means I have to put my flip flops away soon :-( I love wearing them! I'm thankful I am able to wear them a bit longer here in the USA though. I would have put them away a long time ago in Norway. It gets a bit more chilly there than here. ;-)

Anyway, last night when putting my kids to bed I actually DIDN'T have to open their windows a bit. I turned off their fans and tucked them in. Checked on them before I went to bed and they were doing alright! My kids tend to sweat a lot while they sleep. Doesn't matter if the temperature is perfect in the room. It's very weird.


But anyway, I had been craving pumpkin oatmeal or pumpkin ANYTHING for the past few days. So yesterday I went on a hunt for canned pumpkin. I had no idea it was going to be so stinkin hard to find! I went to two grocery stores and they didn't have any. Apparently they only bring it out during the Holidays! (Remind me to stock up! lol) I always look out for 100% Pumpkin even for making pie. It's not so hard to mix up all the spices and sugar yourself. And Pumpkin is naturally sweet already so you don't really need all that much sugar! So anyway, right as I was about to give up I went to Whole Foods to see if they had any. Oh!!! I LOVE THAT STORE!!!! I would do ALL my grocery shopping in there if it wasn't so expensive! But yes....I got lucky and actually bought organic Pumpkin in a can AND organic Pumpkin Pie mix. The ingredients all sounded normal (LOL) so I bought that to try out.

Earlier in the day I had checked my email and saw an awesome recipe for Carrot Pumpkin Bars here on SparkPeople's Recipes. Oh my GOSH! They looked good! So I made them last night.

And here's the recipe link: recipes.sparkpeople.com/

I USED LESS Sugar than what the recipe calls for and I used Splenda brown and Splenda granulated sugar. I could have used even LESS than what I did use. They were pretty sweet! And because I hate throwing away perfectly good things I used 3 large eggs and instead of 2 eggwhites I just used 1/2 cup of liquid eggwhites. :) OH and I also used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup regular flour. I think next time I'll try going all whole wheat flour. I have done it before! :)

My daughter kept calling it Pumpkin Pie because well...they smell like Pumpkin Pie! But it was more like Pumpkin Cake! I did cut them up into "bars" but they aren't so dense but more fluffy and cake like. But WOW are they delicious!

And what must you be thinking of me! I don't really like baking all that much. NO I LOVE baking but don't do it often because well...first of all who likes baking during the summer? It's more of a winter thing! And second, ANYTHING freshly baked, right out of the oven is my #1 weakness!!! It's my poison. LOL! But I figured I would go ahead and bake. I needed to make a little bit of something for my neighbor since she came over once with banana bread. :) Last night I practiced self control! I still need to work on it. I think I'll get better with time. I LOVE baking and would love to do more of it this winter. I'll get the hang of it after awhile! I know I will!

Me and my daughter. She helped me make them. What a good little helper she is!!! Love her to pieces! :)

emoticonAnd since this blog has more than one thing in the title...I'll get onto the next topic!

A friend of mine on Facebook did a little experiment last night with ice cream sandwiches! Now I won't say what kind they are. I have actually never tried them before. Or maybe I did someday in my life but don't remember. I haven't had an ice cream sandwich in over a year to be honest! lol The last one I had was some kind in Norway. But anyway! She took out part of an ice cream sandwich and left it on her counter over night. This is the result of that.

Up top is last night's picture of the ice cream sandwich. Bottom is this morning's picture of the same sandwich. It didn't even melt out of the sandwich. lol! Imagine what that does INSIDE your body??? What do you think it is keeping it looking the same after 12 hours sitting out? Could it be all the sugar? Hmm... I wish I knew! Maybe someday I'll learn. :-) I know I'd LOVE to! By the way, thanks for letting me use your pictures dear Facebook friend! Sorry I wasn't sure if it was ok to use your first name or not. =)

emoticon This morning I *was* going to make pumpkin oatmeal but since I had had it last night in cake I thought I'd save my pumpkin oatmeal for another day! I also would LOVE to get out and buy some fall dishes or at least a mug or two for my coffee! I want to get in the spirit of Fall! Hobby Lobby shopping trip?? ... Maybe later today! Please pray I don't buy more than what I'm going for!!!!!!! LOL!

So this morning I had oatmeal!!!!! Ok let me start off by admitting something to you. Yes I'll confess. I have been eating instant oatmeal for a little while. But I bought instant regular oatmeal that you just pop in the microwave. Yesterday I went and bought a huge thing of old fashioned oats that you make on the stove (or in the microwave too if you want). So this morning I took it out and made me some oatmeal with apples and a little bit of cinnamon and splenda brown sugar! YUMMY!

Wow!!! It tastes SO MUCH DIFFERENT than ANY instant oatmeal!!! I will NOT go back to instant! You know, the kind that says "apples and cinnamon" on it. Why go back to all that sugar??? Mine was BETTER. It wasn't terribly sweet and the apples ...well, I had MORE apples in my bowl! It was just delicious!

So I cut up half an apple, a small apple, forgot what kind but NOT red delicious. For some reason it's hard for me to eat red delicious. I have to peel them completely. I like the smaller, not so red, apples. They're yummy! I let my water boil then added the oatmeal and apples at the same time. I added cinnamon to the pot. Then my splenda brown sugar in my bowl. It definitely felt like I was eating fall this morning! It's a bit strange to say that but I felt GREAT eating that this morning. I was in Heaven! LOL! And yeah I need to get me a mug appropriate for this time of year. Don't ya think??? :)

I look forward to trying out new ways of making my oatmeal. Hmm...any suggestions??? I'll definitely be trying pumpkin oatmeal one of these days!

OH yes and I also wanted to say...The reason why I haven't been making this kind of oatmeal before is because I never had my measuring cups and spoons conveniently placed. I have lots of measuring cups and spoons now in a drawer right next to my stove. I just have to reach down and grab and since I have so many, if one is in the sink, I have another just the same! lol! It's so much easier for me to measure things now. I LOVE IT! I love being somewhat organized in the kitchen. Having an organized kitchen really does help! Now if my fridge stayed organized! :)

emoticon And Oh Gosh FASHION! I never thought I'd have to worry about it but I knew once I had lost enough weight I would have to go out and research it a bit more. So yesterday I was a bit frustrated with my wardrobe. I couldn't figure out why I looked so BLAH in my skinny jeans! And thanks to an online friend of mine giving me some tips on fashion I figured out the reason why. Well, I only have tight shirts!!! Some long but mostly tight. Nothing loose, long, and flowy. I need to go shopping! I have a very good idea of what I should be looking for now. I can't wait to try some new tops on! I hope I look OK! I really DO want to wear my skinny jeans!!! I know I might not have the legs for them yet!! OHhhh I said YET! Oh YES I WILL Have GREAT legs someday even if I have to work my butt off for them!!! :) Fashion...gotta love it huh?

So yes there's my blog of the day. Gosh...where do all these thoughts of mine come from? Its Blah blah and more blah from me. Hahaha!

On the list of things to do today... ZUMBA! Then shopping for a few Fall things. And then ??? I have no idea! :) Going to go give my neighbor some pumpkin bread. I hope they like it!

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    hmmm yum! your DD is sooo cute
    2480 days ago
    Those pumpkin bars look sooo good! I love Splenda so that's awesome that you used it. I have never tried the splenda brown sugar though. Seems like it works well!

    Also thank you for posting the Ice Cream Sandwhich pic. That is so eye opening. I can't believe that it isn't the ice that is keeping the ice cream solid, but something ELSE. Ew! Thanks for the info!

    As for fashion I LOVE fall fashion. Your friend is right about the skinny jeans. My best fashion rule is balance. So, skinny jeans = flowy tops. Red lips = neutral eyeshadow. I can't wait to see what you buy!
    2480 days ago
  • AIMS130
    I love old fashioned oats - I wish more people realized they taste better and are just as easy to prepare. Your energy is awesome - keep it up! emoticon
    2480 days ago
    My goodness you are full of energy and ready for fall!! I love pumpkin too.
    2480 days ago
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