90 miles last week!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Dear Friends:
Last week I biked to and from work all five days. I only missed one 10 mile trip because I had to make it back to an appointment early. Still, that was over 9 hours of biking, and I'm a better person for it in so many ways.

Yesterday, I went out to my carport to try and adjust my brakes to keep them from squealing. This is one of those minor things I am now supposed to know how to fix by myself. I corrected the squealing, but then my rear wheel wasn't turning freely. I decided to take it to the shop and let a bicycle mechanic work on it, hoping to learn by watching him.

It was just as well, because my wheel had a broken spoke I hadn't noticed, and it was far from "true" in bicycle speak. I probably could have replaced the spoke myself if I had noticed it (another lesson learned!), but it would have taken me a long time, and I don't own a "truing wheel." That's the kind of thing it's worth having a bicycle mechanic do, because you can do a lot of damage to your wheel if you don't know what you're doing.

While I was at the shop, the mechanic commented that he was happy to see that the bike was being used, because his perception is that so many of the bikes they sell get used a couple of times and then are left in the garage to gather dust. Knowing this area, he's probably right. Knowing this area, they are probably pretty expensive bikes too. It's too bad that so many good bicycles are left to gather dust when there are other people who could enjoy them.

A colleague at the office last week told me in mock-seriousness that he couldn't do what I do (bicycle commute) because his bicycle is fused to the hook on his garage ceiling (haha). I laughed, of course, and then I asked him if he was really going to let a little thing like that get in his way. Then I appealed to his competitive nature, and asked him (in all seriousness) if he was going to let me outdo him. He's an army veteran, and I could see that my remark hit home, because he smiled and said: "90 miles a week, huh? We'll see. " We will indeed.

I made an appointment to see a dietitian on Tuesday, because I am still not losing any weight. I love the muscle, but I want to lose some weight too. At one of my routine medical visits last week, my doctor told me rather pessimistically that doctors hate to discuss weight with their patients, because there is really nothing they can prescribe that makes any difference in the long run: people lose, then they regain, and in the end, he said, it doesn't make any difference because (according to a VA study) people who lose don't live any longer than those who don't. That was news to me, and I don't really believe it. One study doesn't make it the truth. I'll have to look into that. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep doing everything I can to lose. I've known this guy for over 18 years, and he delivered both of my children, but he's probably the outlier (in that respect) on my medical team. It may also reflect his feelings about his own weight, which is rather high. It was also the end of the day. My next two appointments are with doctors who do believe that weight is important.

So that was my week. I'm reading a very good book about conflict called "Crucial Confrontations." I'll tell you more about that another time. Enjoy Labor Day, and have a great week.
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    It is sad all the bikes gathering dust in garages when some (myself included) would love to have a bike but don't have the finances to even get a good used bike. It is really frustrating.
    3420 days ago
    A broken spoke and truing a wheel is a true art. I've never changed my own spokes (although I should learn since I break plenty) or trued a wheel. It does take tools, time and patience; it easier to have someone do it.
    3422 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    You are awesome! I love that the guy at work is getting interested, keep us posted!
    3422 days ago
    WoW! Great week!
    Medically speaking, from my experience visiting friends in nursing homes, those that lose weight may not live any longer but I bet they live those years better! Mobility issues are a real threat to remaining independent! Strengthen those muscles and build those bones while you can. Keep on moving!

    3423 days ago
    HOW WONDERFUL emoticon all the way to and from work... 90 miles!!! A WEEK! I cant imagine doing that much infact I'm toying with just 3. AND THAT WEARS ME OUT AND I WALK UP THE HILLS WITH IT! (I'm still learning how to use the gears on my defense
    3423 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3423 days ago
    One day I'll get a bike and add it to my exercise regimen. Am already average walking 6 to 9 miles a day.
    3423 days ago
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