Weeks not done, but...dammit bra?

Friday, September 02, 2011

So this week there were things that I wanted to plan out, however they didn't last that long. I know why I dislike exercise in the morning. For the following reasons. 1. Waking up extra early. 2. Having to get up and get dressed. 3. Getting undressed to shower. 4. Getting redressed to get going.

Th actual exercise isn't on there cause that isn't the problem. I hate putting on my bra for slightly more than a half an hour...to take it off to shower then put on another bra to get dressed. My breasts are a little smaller but not by much. They finally all fit in my bra better...which is a plus, but with my bra being size 44 G not so easy taking it on and off. I sit here writing this and giggling cause I know how many people in my life tell me they want large breasts. It ain't all its cracked up to be folks.

At my previous weight it was extremely difficult to put on my bra as it hooks in the back...and my arms aren't that long nor was I that flexible. Now though it is still a slight struggle I am able to better snap it in the front then move it to the back.

I don't even go outside with out a bra let alone want to do exercise with out it. That could highly irritate my skin, not to mention that they move to their own beat when not be corralled by my bra. Seriously I can't seem to do anything on an elliptical cause my boobs are a step behind and throw off my rhythm. I swing to the right then the left unfortunately they are a little slower on moving to the left than I would like.

I am not giving up on exercise in the morning. I realize the benefits of it. For me I feel better and more awake and I like the idea that my body is already starting to burn calories. I am gonna figure this out. Some way. Some how.

Best wishes to you.

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    I am also a 44G. I have an eliptical machine and when I pack the girls in pretty tight (2 sport bras) I don't have any problems. Good luck :)
    2782 days ago
    What helps me is double sports bras.. sometimes triple when I am running to keep the suckers secure and hefted .. Im an E..
    2788 days ago
    What helps me is double sports bras.. sometimes triple when I am running to keep the suckers secure and hefted .. Im an E..
    2788 days ago
    While I don't have the exact problem you have with regards to bra size, I totally understand where you're coming from with working out!

    The working out isn't the problem. Sure I can do 10 minutes, an hour - whatever. The problem is that a workout is a lot more than just the working out. You have to schedule the time to prepare, cool down, cleaning, re-dressing, etc.

    But good for you for getting out there and doing it! Keep it up!
    2789 days ago
    I have taken to sleeping in my workout bra (and sometimes my workout outfit) just becuase of that whole on/off/on thing. I was soo excited about this new bra I bought online, it was supposed to be comfortable, etc... but what it is, is a cheap, mostly nylon uni-boob. The Coobie bra sucks. never ever, I repeat never buy this.
    2791 days ago
  • CECE0330
    Oh sister, I'm right there with ya! You'll totally understand my annoyance with the new puppy routine: I have to get up, put on my bra JUST TO LET HIM OUT IN MY OWN YARD! Because when you've got plenty to spare, you don't want to be caught with 'em down around your knees or *gasp* heaven forbid the puppy takes off across the yard and I have to chase him! Huh. Then there's the Enell bra I use for running in the a.m. You know, the bra that comes instructions for HOW TO PUT IT ON! Seriously, 17 hooks! It's like a straight-jacket!

    But the up-side is I started at 40DDD (or 40F as it's sometimes referred to) and am now a 34DDD oh-so-close to being able to fit into my old 34DDs.
    2791 days ago
    wow.. I never thought I'd be grateful for my breast size... thank you!
    2791 days ago
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