size is not everything

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On Friday I went on a hike with my husband, brother, sister in law, and our two friends. emoticon My sister-in law and one friend don't have to watch what they eat or exercise and somehow still manage to stay a size 2. Unlike me who has to watch everything that goes into my mouth and can only dream of being a size 2. So anyway we went on a nice hike Fri. nothing to strenuous just a relaxing hike with a few small hills. emoticon Well the next day my sister in law and friend were both complaining about how sore they were from the hike. I felt nothing, no pain , no soreness, nothing. emoticon The hike was baby play from my normal routine. emoticon The same thing happened earlier in the summer when we went on a bike ride. emoticon My sister in law ended up pushing her bike up all the steep hills while I was able to make it to the top on my bike. Sometimes I am so envious of my sister in law because she is so tiny and beautiful and she does not even have to work at it. While I get up before the sun to go to the gym and track every calorie that goes into my mouth. But now I can really see where that is paying off I may not be a size 2 but I have something my sister in law and friend do not I have strength and endurance and there is no way I would ever trade that in to be a size 2. ! emoticonSo I guess it really is true size is not everything emoticon
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