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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Someone on our team mention hoarding crafts materials which go me started on this...

by Steve Benson 'with apologies to Charles Schultz' 7/5/11

I hear you about craft items - needlepoint, cross stitch, yarn and needles and books, colored pencils and charcoal and special paper for drawing, beads and needles and bead organizers and bead books, watercolor paints and more and brushes and palettes and acrylics and special paper and books, Japanese inks, brushes, rice paper, and books, monoprint and solar print materials, and books, jewellery tools, soldering equipment, materials, stones for mounting, and books, and finally warm glass (lots), tools, materials, some finished projects, books, and many unfinished projects - What a surprise! NOT

Now all this does not include does not include plates, silverware and glasses (most of which are not a complete sets), pots, pans, boxed and canned goods, some of which are duplicates because I couldn't remember if I already had it or not, and perishables much of which perishes before I can use it, spices and herbs with quite a few duplicates, my recipe books, magazines, and storage containers.

Oh and did I mention books?

On to the computer room... two computers and a laptop and a printer and a router and my connection box to the internet and a to. Then there are so many pairs of scissors, pens, pencils, flair pens, colored markers, permanent markers, computer paper, an infrequently used file setup with stacks of papers - bills - old and new, organizations asking for money, advertisements, catalogs - old and new, receipts, things from the computer I printed, magazines which need to be sorted, medications and pill containers, recipes I've pulled out of magazines which went to recycle, menus from restaurants (some of those restaurants aren't even open anymore), jewellery and clothes I shed and didn't put in the hamper - some are dirty and some aren't, two, no, three bookcases - one for books and two for treasured knick knacks, pictures, and art, two file cabinets, mostly not up-to-date, and a tall, movable set of small drawers which contain more cards (birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, holiday, thank you, etc.) and I rarely send cards anymore, a small fountain I really like with no place safe to put it, and, of course, more books.

In our bedroom I have a table in the corner which is piled at least four feet high with my clothes, clean at least. The closet is full of clothes, shoes, etc. The clothes are in three major size groups - 3X, XX, and XL which I am almost into. Some should be rags, some are new (some with tags), much is unused. I had to put in an extra rack to hold my purchases and clothing I already had. Winter is mixed with summer and, because we live in a casual city, I have a ton of tees, shorts, and jeans. Some have stains I couldn't out, but they are old and so soft I don't want to let them go. Then there a shoes I haven't worn for at least two years, sneakers which need attention, sandals which are stretched out of shape. Some things have not been used in so long there is a layer of dust on them. The floor in the middle is clean, but I see I've chucked different things under the stuff on hangers. Honestly, I am not sure what I do and don't have. Sigh.

On to the bathrooms... aaaaaaaaaaargh - ok - the counters are pretty neat, but there is stuff on it that doesn't need to be there. Great - if you don't look in the cabinets or the drawers which are disorganized dusty disasters. Surprisingly, the sinks, tub, and toilets are clean. This area needs the least attention to be clean and organized, discarding unused items.

Another place which desperately needs attention is the garage which on the driver's side is piled between knee and waist high with stuff - I honestly have very little idea what is there... BIG SIGH.

The last bastion I have to face is my finances - the evidence of my impulsiveness. I cannot continue on the way I have been. My credit rating will be shot. My debt ratio is too high. Definitely time to step it up!

The good news - the family room has some clutter, but I feel comfortable having people come in to visit. Also the bathroom beside the front door stays clean, as does the hallway. This tells me I can do this in the long run.

I just have to face my fears, my discomfort and move forward.

This is going to require me to control my impulsiveness and my desire to bury my head in the sand.

All of this also applies to learning and following a healthier lifestyle, learning to control my desire to minimize how important dealing with all this on a daily basis.

No excuses - no running away, especially when the going gets tough.

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    I agree with HAPPYLOSER46 about Flylady. I believe she saved my sanity. I wrote a little about it on my blog yesterday. She will teach you how to work in 15-minute increments to clean and organize your home.

    I also get a newsletter called Everyday Cheapskate that helps me. Both are free.

    2971 days ago
    Hi Lynn! I used to be exactly where you are. I remember years ago I couldn't even find my bedroom floor, much less walk on it. I don't know if you've ever heard of but that site saved our living conditions and took a ton of weight off my shoulders. I know there is a flylady team here, but you should visit her site. The lady who started it is Marla Cilley and she's been in the same place before.

    One thing I learned from her is that it wasn't that I was actually lazy, but a perfectionist. I didn't know where to start, so I just didn't start anywhere and things kept piling up. What a lifesaver her site was for me

    You can get out from under the clutter. If I can do it, anyone can. :)
    2972 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/1/2011 1:04:25 PM
    I am REALLY bad with pens!! I love pens!! and office type things.....I love to change the look of my desk! I get bored with it often! HECK....I sit at it for 8 hours a day!!! I am not a housekeeper by any means but I can put my mind to it and knock it out in a few hours! GOOD LUCK.....I feel better when I get rid of things.....why cant I throw things out of my head????
    2973 days ago
    Anyone else notice that you have issues with tools, office supplies and kitchen gadgets--keep buying even though you have plenty? Biggest help I have found so far is to just not acquire. Most of mine has stopped with the exceptions of dvds. I'll keep working onit.
    2973 days ago
    Will keep you in my prayers!
    2974 days ago
    our houses sound pretty much alike in ways so i do understand
    2974 days ago
    I live in a building with a few; Im not AS bad as they but I DO need help with organizationand staying on task. HUGS
    2974 days ago
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