Batch cooking and preparing for 12 weeks with Jamie Eason (pics)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have recently subscribed to Oxygen magazine. In this great fitness mag, I discovered Jamie Eason. I began to learn about her fitness and diet plan. For a long time, I have often thought of trying it out, but the thought of batch cooking and eating every 3 hours, ST, etc made me fearful of trying.

HOWEVER, seeing my lack of progress and my frustration (see my last blog and some of my others if you are interested), I decided to make a change. Interestingly enough, another sparker had posted a photo food blog I just so happened to see. FIT-WHIT, if you are reading this, thank you.

After seeing her photo blog, I thought that if a "normal" person can batch cook and meal plan, why can't I? I went to the website where you can find Jamie's plan, videos, recipes, (ALL for free) and made my decision.

After work, I went and bought what I didn't have. Surprisingly, I had most everything I needed at home to start.

Please excuse my poor picture quality. These are the ground turkey muffins. Very easy to make and tasty. Even the hubby liked it.

These are the chocolate protein bars from Jamie's recipes. The hubby and kids liked them. I don't think I will have to freeze these, as I don't think they will last that long in the house.

Nothing special here. Just brown rice, chicken, and later I added broccoli. Ignore the mess in the picture, I had pots and pans and scales everywhere!

These are egg/sausage muffins. These were FIT-WHIT's idea. You can find her post here:

They were a hit in my house:

I spent HOURS after work prepping these items. Silly me to start on a Monday, but when I get an idea, I just go with it. I have printed out all the meal plans, workout stuff, anything I can to make this process smoother.

The thought of eating cleaner and treating my body better is an exciting prospect. I am VERY apprehensive about starting something so new, so please send positive vibes my way.

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