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What I Know - Need to Do - and the Tools I Have (or a written dialogue with myself)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Okay, so yesterday I promised to be back on by Wednesday with a plan. And the funniest thing happened. As I was working out, all of this stuff started filling my head, and I had to pause a few times to scribble it out. What resulted were three lists:
-I have not logged in a dogs age
-I hardly weigh any foods though I try to avoid overportioning
-I only exercise on the weekends
-My arms are flapping and I do not look toned
-Little Debbies actually taste good now - which they didn't when I was full-on-Sparking
-We eat foods prepared by others frequently lately
-I need a scale
-Veggies and salads aren't around much lately
-You can't lose weight or get healthy if you don't at least try to make changes
-Alcohol consumption is up
-Soda consumption is up
-Water consumption is down
-I am reverting to old, bad habits - I have not been thinking, merely existing.
Does any of this sound familiar to you? If not, try list #2
-Reread my eating book (The CAMP System - about mindful eating)
-Find my missing copy of The Spark and start rereading (esp. the getting started parts!)
-Measure my food and myself!
-Log food
-Snack healthy when starving
**Make a PLAN (babysteps, look at first steps of Spark, reset basic goals)
-Treat this like I am starting for the first time
-Buy a scale
-Do both strength and cardio
-Stop deleting FlyLady without reading (oops)
-Stay of the computer more
- Try not to be annoyed by the stupid bobblehead girl in my favorite cardio right now (seriously - she is a white girl trying to look all hip, but she looks like she is exercising and has a serious case of Parkinsons)
-Find My Spark
Whhooof! Seems like a long, insurmountable list, huh? But there was one more in me:
*food scale, resistance bands, weights, videos (unpack old favs!), Spark website and book, CAMP book, New library - new recipe books! - a BRAIN, a tape measure (egads), Exercise on Demand, new sneakers, and a jumprope.
And at first, I was thinking, oh crap, that is a lot to deal with, and you just havent been doing anything lately. But then there was a minor miracle.
My voice came back.
I don't know about you, but I have a little voice in my head. Don't worry, it's not the bad kind. More like if Jiminy Cricket met Bob from Biggest Loser. It reminds me what to do and what not to do (Drink the water. Put down the Hershey Kiss. Get your butt out of bed and move it instead.) It's been pretty quiet lately - or perhaps I've been shoving things in its mouth so it couldn't speak. But it started squeaking up a little last night, and today...well, I did pilates, tracked my food and didn't gorge myself when I came home.
I know a lot of us aren't in our best place right now. Maybe the summer and all its delights and travels threw you way outta whack. There is no routine and limited self-control or motivation. If that is the case, try creating your own lists. Remember where you came from and how far you have come. You might just realize that you CAN do this. Maybe I won't be as perfect as the first time. Maybe you won't be either. But I'd rather feel the way I feel now than how I felt a few days ago.
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