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I must be the only person in the history of this place....

Monday, August 29, 2011

that freaking has GAINED weight while working on the farm! Alright, that's not true. Last year someone moved here from Africa and he managed to put on some pounds but aside from him, there is only me. And I thought the pounds were going to melt right off...

To recap, since it has been (erm) awhile.:
I now live and work on an 11 acre organic farm outside of Chicago, where I work long days, full of physical labor and delicious and nutritious food. So what's the deal? How on earth did I weigh myself this morning and weigh ten pounds more than I did in March?

Reason one: super big meals: We eat good here, and I eat like a dude, truth be told. I have two roommates, both guys, who have that enviable ability to eat anything and everything in front of them, then have another portion, then still lose weight. And I've followed suit, without the blessed boy-metabolism. dang!

Reason two: so many treats!: Or I should say "reason two: uncle bob's ice cream shop" because we go there every week and I get a monstor waffle cone full of homemade ice cream. then wednesday one of our volunteers brings us some kind of treat, Friday is our potluck lunch, and super early saturday morning I visit the dunkin donuts before the farmers market. And of course there are other treats sprinkled in there. sigh. the sweet tooth is back with a vengence.

Reason three: Different exercise "routine" : Before coming here, I walked everywhere, ran, swam, lifted weights (sometimes...) and played sports. Now I dig, walk, weed, rush around, but I hardly ever get my heart rate up the way I used to. It's funny-- everyone said that once they started working on the farm they lost so much weight but turns out they were going from no physical activity to 10 hours of outdoor physical labor. I thought I'd be the same, but alas, I already had a lot of exercise under my (now much tighter) belt.

so.... the plan is:

duh. I need food to keep my strength up, but not the same as these dudes who need to put on weight if they don't want to freeze come winter. One helping, tinier plates, vegetables for every meal. done.

I told you the four and those will be my only four of the week. It's not a complete break, but I'm not looking to lose a ton of weight, just eat better and stop gaining already! And I'll be smart-- instead of monster waffle cone, I'll have a cup, instead of three or four of whatever cookies or cakies the volunteer brings, I'll just have one.

so we have these hills here... why not run/super fast walk up them? If I need to cross the field, why not do it at a bit of a run? There is ample opportunity for me to move faster here, whihc will up the heart rate ad also make my boss happier, I'm sure.

Ladies! Wish me luck! I'm at a pitiful 195 right now (albeit pretty toned) and am wanting to drop some trunkage with out the help of ready internet access. I'll update you next week/ next time I'm online. Bye!
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  • SUGIRL06
    Hey there Val!!! I have been reading your blogs on your other site when you post so I am in the loop. It looks like an absolutely fabulous place! Want to come here next year and teach us how to farm our little 6 acres??? LoL. I like your plan to "speed up" your work. Brilliant! And agree about the treats, still have them, just smaller. I am in the "if I'm going to have a treat its going to be HUGE and multiple times a week!" stage right now also. LoL, but no more! So glad to see you here! Miss reading your blogs!!!
    2419 days ago
    that sounds like an interesting job!!!

    just keep your portions in check, REMEMBER WATER! and you'll be back down those 10 pounds. also, you might have gotten some new big muscles in there along the way.
    2427 days ago
    Good to hear from you! You can do this! (Keep us updated!!)
    2428 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Good to hear from you and glad everything is going well! Don't worry, you'll get back into a routine that works for you. Hugs!
    2428 days ago
    It sounds like a really cool job even with all of the temptations. Your plan is great and you should peel the weight right back of.
    2428 days ago
    we're 195 together, darling, and i bet you're rocking it/foxier than me and my dang beer belly. i think these plans you have in place sound great, and if you keep drinking enough and eating enough veggies, you'll be too full for too much junk! least that's my ideal/plan these days. so good to see you on the internet!!!
    2428 days ago
  • CARRES1973
    Even though you are 195, do you FEEL better? You did mention you were more toned. Do you feel healthier?

    I do know (somewhat) how you feel. I was the only person in my entire basic training class (Air Force) that GAINED weight throughout basic training!!

    2428 days ago
    You can do it! love your pics of the trees!
    2428 days ago
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