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Experiments in Candy Making

Monday, August 29, 2011

Surprise, surprise, it’s been awhile! I can’t seem to ramble on about myself on a regular schedule. But hey, at least I don’t post so much you get sick of me, right?

The dairy-phase out is going pretty well. I have successfully cut out all dairy…except for Greek yogurt. Yeah, I can’t seem to quit the stuff. Especially since I can’t seem to get enough protein without it. Being a vegetarian, I especially need protein because I am not getting it from too many traditional complete protein sources.

So while Greek yogurt is still a part of my breakfast (vanilla), my dessert (vanilla), and a few dinners (plain), I’m doing pretty well everywhere else. It’s pretty easy to convince myself that I don’t need ice cream or cheese and I’ve never liked milk. Although mixing in unsweetened coconut milk into my smoothies is awesome! Yum.

I also made something else with the coconut milk recently, vegan fudge!

Cutting back on dairy does not convince me in any way to cut out chocolate or sugar. I will always have my sweet tooth.

I mixed together Enjoy Life’s dairy-free chocolate chips with sunflower seed butter and coconut milk to make vegan SB fudge. I had originally wanted peanut butter fudge, but since I didn’t have any in the house I decided sunflower seed butter would make a fine substitution.

I used a tablespoon of sun butter, two tablespoons of the coconut milk and ½ cup (120g) of the chocolate chips melted in the microwave in 20-30 second intervals until it was fully mixed.

And then I poured it into a container to firm up in the fridge. Once it was firm I cut it into bite-sized pieces. Perfect for when a chocolate craving suddenly hits.

But that’s not the only candy making I did. I discovered that switching out cacao powder for cocoa powder only works if you remember that cacao is way sweeter than cocoa. Because I tried a chocolate bar recipe that tasted so horrible it went immediately into the trash.

It called for just two ingredients coconut oil and cacao powder. But see, I didn’t have any cacao, so I used cocoa. Fine, right? Just take some coconut oil, some cocoa powder, mix together.

Pour into a container to freeze. Pull out, admire how shiny it is.

Then attempt to cut it and realize it is solid.

Then take a bite and realize it doesn’t matter that you can’t properly cut it. It’s horrible. Oh, forget it. I give up. This was after the massive candy fail I had suffered before.

I’ll have to share this recipe at another time, but it involves chocolate chips, nuts, maple syrup, and much failure. But eventual success. Well, sort of…you’ll just have to wait!

How have you been?? I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve really chatted with anyone here. What’s new?

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