Reached Another Goal

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ever since warmer weather arrived back in April I have had some short sleeved tops in a smaller size that I wanted to wear once again before colder weather arrived in the fall.

I kept looking at those tops and saying that I will wear them once again.Hadn't worn them in about 5 years or so.I had noticed that the tops that I have been wearing had gotten rather loose and baggy on me.Really didn't think the smaller tops would fit yet so kept putting off trying them on.I couldn't even get the smaller tops on back in April.

After working out today I kept think how baggy my top was.I decided then and there to try on one of the smaller tops.I am so thrilled to say that the smaller top that I tried on fit and it isn't even snug on me.What a wonderful feeling that is for me.

The scale hasn't been going down much for me so I really didn't think I'd be able to wear one of the smaller tops yet.As I have said before the scale isn't the only barometer of how well you are doing as far as getting healthy.I am hoping that the scale will soon catch up and find some pounds vanishing.

A week ago I got back to working out to Wii Walk It Out.It has gotten cooler here so it isn't hard for me to workout out for over an hour.I generally add at least 8,000 steps to my pedometer from the walking workout.I've done it everyday for a week now.It's a better workout for me than just walking around outside.
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