Mid summer nights half marathon race report

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I got to the race site in Cocoa Village around 3pm meeting up with Jeanine (imarunr), Kris (kris1977), Brad (nomomolly) with Scott and my friends Angel and Mike with James. My DH came with me as well. He hasn't seen me finish a race since my first 5k 3yrs ago. Man have things changed since then!
We picked up our race packets, made our donations, got our bib numbers and walked around until the race started at 4pm.

This race is to benefit several charities and was more of a fun run so when it came down to the start it was on your mark, get set, GO! We took off south on Riverside Drive! I stayed in our little group of Angel, Kris and James. Kris was feeling good and pulled ahead for a bit but we met back up at the first turn around. The course is a 2 loop out and back. That's about when I realized that my Garmin had shut off. I turned it back on to have it shut back off again. I took a closer look to realize it was broken. The whole top piece came off leaving the electronics exposed. UGH!

We headed back to the race start/half way point/ finish line for a couple of quick hellos to Jeanine, DH, Mike and Scott. We snapped a few pics and took off again. My legs were feeling great and the temps were much better than expected thanks to some trusty Florida afternoon storms. The original temps were supposed to be 97 with the heat index of 106! I am sooo glad for that storm! LOL!
We came back for our second and last loop and heading back to the finish. I was holding strong with a nice comfortable pace. It was so odd not knowing where I was pace or distance wise on the course. I felt lost! Around mile 11 or so I started getting a side stitch that stayed with me for the remainder of the race. Angel pulled away and Kris and James were tailing behind me. I rounded the corner to find a nice surprise, it was Jeanine! YAY! She snapped a few pics and ran me in. That was awesome!! She was supposed to run the race with me but some things came up and she came to be a cheerleader instead! I was so happy she ran me in!

After I finished the race I drank like a gallon of water (ok, not a gallon but it felt like it). I cooled off a bit then headed up to the after party at Murdocks next door. Mike and Scott had a table and we all enjoyed a few beers, dinner and each others company. Everybody did pretty well!
Angel and James ran their first half marathon. Brad killed it at a 2:04! I finished in 2:38 (which is just 3 minutes past my PR) and Kris was at 2:39. also close to her PR!

This was a pretty good race and I would love to do it again next year!
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