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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well. I haven't run in a month! I was getting so into it too! Well, apparently my knee didn't like me running 3.2 miles straight. As much as I mentally and cardiovascularlly wanted to, my legs, more specifically my left knee just wouldn't let me. The last time I ran 3.2 miles, my knee hurt for 2 weeks just walking around. I did a lot of research on the internet about the specific kind of pain I have and it really looks like it's IT band related. It bummed me out so much, I didn't do anything at all. I could have done something else but when my life got really busy with summer camp, school clothes and supplies shopping and the first week of school madness, it was easy to just put exercise on the back burner especially since I knew running was out. I tend to get hyperfocused on running and nothing else compares. I've gotta stop that! The good news is I made an appointment with a sports medicine doctor as soon as I felt the pain and the soonest they could schedule me was a month out. Well, my appointment is next week!

Last night, I stayed up later than I have all week (10:30pm **shudders** LOL) I was super excited about the fact that I could sleep in and what do you know? I was wide awake at 6:00 am. After laying there for 15 minutes, I thought to myself why not go out for a good walk. In the back of my mind, I wondered if I should try to run. I figured I'd do 3 miles of walking and then "try" some running after that. I was nervous and excited at the same time! I got a half a mile in and my knee started hurting. That was that. Now, it's flaring up sooner! After all that rest! Bummer! I found a great article about strength training for the IT Band plus he did a video showing how to do all the exercises so I'll probably get started on them as soon as I can get my hands on a Theraband. If you're interested in the article here it is:
And here is the link to the video of the exercises:
I'm going to stick to walking until I have more info from my Dr. visit on Tuesday. Also, I joined the Jamie Eason program that FITWHIT started so I'll get busy with some ST. Lord knows I need it-no muscle definition here! :)

On the weight front, I got down to 145 at one point then got back to 150! Now I'm fluctuating between 147 and 149. I have been having a really hard time with cravings, snacking and not feeling satisfied. I go over different things in my head over and over about what I need to do. Evenings are just the worst! I'll get my groove back. This is just what I'm going through right now.

My Sister in law, her husband and two boys are visiting for the weekend. My in-laws will be here shortly. We're celebrating my FIL's birthday (Aug. 16) and my DH's upcoming birthday (Sept. 2). I've had a really relaxing morning and feel good about moving my body this morning. I hope you are all having a great weekend and for those of you in the path of Irene, please be safe!

This is what I need to look at every day!!

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    Just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling now? All better and back to running?
    2429 days ago
    What really helps my IT band is using a foam roller. They cost about $20, and you can google how to use it. You can also get a sports massage and let them know your IT band is acting up and they'll rub and stretch it out for you. Hope you're back to your runs soon!
    2483 days ago
    One step back two steps forward! You'll be fine. I'm glad you can see a specialist to help you with your running. I think you know me and how I love the strength training...I believe muscle strength will help your knee issues.

    BTW - I love your pic and words of wisdom!!!
    2485 days ago
    Hey Kimberley,
    Reading your blog - I didn't realize your knee was still giving you a hard time. Hang in there - wait for your doctor's appointment and then do what they recommend. Following my doctor's orders really helped me out. I started working out and I am still doing low impact because it does get sore - but I also do my stretches for my foot. One day I will walk without the pain. Cravings - just make sure you are eating regular meals and snacks - that should decrease the cravings. Tell me if I can help you some way!!
    Take care

    2486 days ago
    Hi Kimberly!!!
    Sorry about your knee. Last fall/winter I had bad pain on the outside of my knee from running. After doing internet research in the Spring, I diagnosed my self with IT Band Sydrome. I got a foam roller & life has been good ever since.
    2486 days ago
    I have been having knee issues but yours sounds way worse -- hope it gets better soon :)
    2487 days ago
    I'm sorry about your knee. I hope it's feeling better soon!

    Thanks for the article. I'm definitely going to start trying to incorporate more "knee" exercises into my workout!
    2489 days ago
    I read some info about water running being awesome while you recover from an injury... there is just a little technique one has to learn to do it... it would keep you in shape, help you recover for whatever it is you have and avoid other injuries... that could be a good option...

    I know what you mean about evenings being the worst... I hear ya... I feel the same way... ugh... We need to get this under control Kim... there is no stopping now that we have come so far... Let's revive our DETERMINATION and finish what we started...

    I hope you have and emoticon rest of the weekend...
    May emoticon
    2489 days ago
    maybe swimming or VERY light weight training? It looks like you're still doing great!
    2489 days ago
    Sorry about your knee! Could you do bikes?
    I also just did my first run after a long break. Yipes. :)
    2489 days ago
    Hi Kimberley I'm sorry your injury is stopping you doing what you want but better to rest it now and let it heal than to prolong the problem.
    Enjoy your celebrations hun and let us know what the doc says.
    Love your attitude that you're mood will improve, we all have off times, especially when we're nursing an injury and feeling frustrated.
    I have no doubt you'll be getting back to running soon- just take care of you emoticon emoticon
    2489 days ago
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