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Friday, August 26, 2011

So things have been going really well!

I started my new job and it's been busy, busy, busy. I'm really enjoying the work so far, and I'm feeling good about the decision. I'm challenged, I'm given a lot of responsibility, and I feel like what I'm doing matters and makes a difference. Really good stuff! I've also been getting the wheels turning to make some moves on the other career-related stuff I want to do, which is really exciting.

I've managed to maintain my fitness routine (which is, at this point, REALLY rigorous) and not drop anything despite adding work. I've got two more triathlons I'm training for--one on September 11th and one on October 9th--and then also the Philadelphia half marathon (which will be my first!) the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I'm really excited about all of those! I feel really settled and happy with my current training routine, and I've done a lot of focusing on form--I've settled into the fact that the speed and distance will continue to grow from there.

I've also managed to clean up my eating even a little more than I had. I see a lot of people who talk about "eating clean" here on sparkpeople who have, what seems to me, rather loose and varrying definitions! To clarify, my diet consists of, almost exclusively at this point, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and a little bit of fish. I've managed to abstain from eating chicken, beef, turkey, etc. for almost a year now (I do still eat fish about once a week). I've recently dramatically decreased my wheat and dairy intake. One of the gifts that came from losing weight was/is being more in tune with how foods make my body feel. Wheat makes me feel sluggish, bloated, and tired. Dairy makes me feel sick and sluggish. I'm not much fun to invite over for dinner these days, but I AM feeling better than I've felt... well, ever.

I'm also making progress towards dropping those few extra pounds I wanted to drop to make running in Philly more comfortable. I'm sitting at 137.2 this morning (goal weight by November is 133-134ish).

And I've kicked up my strength training routine a little bit and am seeing great results! I'm going to take some pictures for myself to track progress, and I'll be sure to post some here. But I'm excited to say I have definition everywhere, loose skin be damned--legs, arms, abs. A friend/mentor said something to me the other day about how different I must feel from two years ago, and I told him that while the weight loss is a big difference, it's actually the strength that I'm most grateful for. Doing everything is easier because of it--walking, sitting at a desk, standing around, running--really, everything. I used to have a lot of pain, even when I'd shed as much as 100 pounds, even when I was considered a "healthy weight." Don't skimp out on this part, sparkfriends! It's made a HUGE difference and I wish I'd added it in sooner than I did even!

I've also made great progress on the friend front. I'm proud to say I've managed to NOT spend so much time with--or be available to--people who drain me or use me. Instead, I've managed to fill my life and my time with people who energize me, who bring out the best in me. What a lovely change that has been! It's been gradual, but I'm really so thrilled about it since this has been in my consciousness since my early twenties.

Am also making great progress on my non-weight-related goals for the year--budgeting, being mindful of spending, purging "stuff," being less wasteful. Am feeling balanced!

Guess that's all I have to report. Things are solid and good here. Will be preparing today for Irene, which is coming through our area this weekend. We live in the woods, so 80-100mph winds are never good news. We will prepare how we can and hope for the best. It's been an amazing year in my area, weather-wise. We've had a heatwave, extreme cold (the kind that comes with warnings), a blizzard, tornados, an earthquake, and now a hurricane!

Love and light.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm a little late in writting, but emoticon on all the progress you made.
    2799 days ago
    Wow! All you have acommplished is nothing short of amazing! :) I have been thinking about you with the storm coming that way, I hope all is well!
    2854 days ago
    Good for you Melissa! It sounds like you're at a very good place in your life, and that you're doing your best to keep it that way. Enjoy training, working and just living life!
    2856 days ago
    Your training regiment with clean eating is contributing to your happy self. It's nice when things start to click for us.
    2858 days ago
    I totally agree with you about the strength training, it really helps with energy levels!
    2858 days ago
    what an awesome post, your energy spill-uth over :D and i absolutely love it! may your positivity and strength continue to radiate out into the world around you. you've never met a challenge you haven't licked, keep rockin it gal!
    2859 days ago
    Good luck with the weather. From all your training, it sounds like you are ready for anything!
    2859 days ago
    It's really great to read such and upbeat blog. I love that so many things are falling into place for you. You deserve it, you have worked so hard to get here. Isn't it great to have friends that energize you?

    Good luck for your triathlons, I know that you will be prepared well. Just get out an enjoy them.

    2859 days ago
    emoticon on the complete overhaul of your lifestyle! It's been amazing to hear about your journey from the early days until now. You look like a completely different person in your profile pic!
    2859 days ago
    This IS a happy blog! It made me very happy reading it! :D How did you build up your running without getting injured? As soon as I reached 3 miles, my left knee started hurting. (I'm pretty sure this is IT band related). I had to take a few weeks off to let it heal. Now I'm just afraid to try again plus I'm bummed out that I've probably lost some of my fitness capacity as well. My appointment with a sports medicine doctor is next week but the pain is gone now. LOL! When I called to make an appointment, the next one available was 1 month out. Sheesh! I'm hoping they can help me nonetheless. My thoughts are with you while you prepare for Irene. Be safe!

    2859 days ago
    Please take care and stay safe! It sounds like you are in a "happy place" with your life and fitness and I'd sure like it to stay that way! Healthy, happy and safe vibes for you that Irene doesn't cause you harm. But you get the heck out of there if they tell you to! PLEASE! Thank you! emoticon
    2859 days ago
    Taking care of your wonderful self is priority number one.

    Sounds like you are well on your way.
    2859 days ago
  • FREES1
    such a positive blog! such good things happening to and with and for and by you!
    good luck this weekend - sounds like we are all in for a bit of a wild ride!
    2859 days ago
    I'm so glad to hear that you are so happy. emoticon

    I would really like to hear more about "eating clean." I have a hard enough time getting in my protein while eating chicken, beef etc. How are you doing it with just fish? Are you eating soy or beans?

    Hope Irene weakens soon & your weather calms down.
    2859 days ago
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