2799 Calories before 5pm :(

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I had a monster salad for breakfast at Ruby's and then went back for lunch with a coupon with a friend. I had what I thought was a decent entree on my coupon and another spinach salad, filled it with mushrooms a little carrots some sun dried tomatoes and lots of GREEN.

I just came home and did the count and BOOM my entree was like 1275. I should have know with an Italian Chicken and Pasta dish, I figured with the smaller portion and all that, well hell no.

Screw the coupons from now on I am just sticking to basics, turkey burger no bun, salad bar.

The funny thing is my sugar now about an hour later is only 154. We went up to the hospital after we ate so I could get weighed. It was a bit of the walk in the parking lot and up to the floor where the scale is, so I am guessing that helped.

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  • -POOKIE-
    You didn't do so very bad.

    At your current weight it would take more than that amount of calories to just maintain you... so it wont set you back!
    2979 days ago
    Aww babe, you did your best. You chose pasta which is usually loaded with carbs, but if your sugars are running normal (without meds except metformin, right?? Amazing!), then pat yourself on the back. You didn't go bananas with dessert, tons of other crap, etc. You ate SALAD on purpose and liked it! That's awesome!! This is a learning process and you are kicking major toosh! And I'm proud of you! Dont let a funky day mess up your groove. You rock ('cause you do... and 'cause I said so - and I'm the boss! hehe). XOXOXOXO
    2980 days ago
    We ALL fall down from time to time. I know that I've blown most of August. Don't beat yourself up. I agree with the previous post, this is a learning experience. Chalk it up to a lesson learned, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, don't look back and keep going. File the experience away in your memory bank as a What Not To Do and have no regrets. Tomorrow is another day ~ you can do this! emoticon
    2980 days ago
  • DRKEYEZ820
    Hun this is a LEARNING process, you now know for next time, thats not a healthy dish. Something tells me u love ruby tuesday's do they have nutrient info on their website? If they do, write down all your fav meals that way you will be able to tell if you can afford it for the day. Dont beat yourself up about it. We all come down this road. You will learn of whats wrong and right.

    PS. Anything fried, or pasta is NEVER good with calories and fat. Always stick with chicken, fish, or steak and in that order LOL. Ask how its prepared, you dont want it soaked in butter etc.

    Most places will gladly prepare it special for u.

    PSS. I am VERY VERY VERY VERY proud of you for coming here and admitting your faults... Most people wouldnt and because they dont they continue down the wrong path, your here because you want to do better for yourself. I have LOADS OF FAITH IN YOU!!!!

    2980 days ago
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