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I am a rock star no matter what the scale says!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I weigh myself like it's going out of style. Twice a day for sure but sometimes more than that. It's sad really. I've asked the bf to hide that mean piece of junk so that I am forced to do it once a week but he does and I find it (he sucks at finding good hiding spots). He always looks at me and shakes his head but now he refuses to hide it anymore cuz really there is no point.

emoticon Why does a person put so much self worth in one small square of metal or glass (or a combination of both)?!

A higher number means defeat or failure. No matter if we worked our butts off the previous week and ate like gods (or goddess's) so that the chances of a fat gain are nil. Muscle weighing more than fat and all that jazz still means we failed the whole week.

Cuz that makes sense

Beat myself up some more please.

emoticon Something seems very wrong with that.

emoticon What if we stop relying on the scale? What if we see our bmi and shrug our shoulders and stop letting that number matter? Outrageous you say? Why?

Don't put any emphasis on the number. (What?!) Instead what if you go day by day and think about how you feel that day especially after a day of good eating and exercise and let your BODY tell you how you feel instead of some number on a scale.

What if our milestones aren't the 25 lbs/50lbs/100lbs we lost but instead the fact that we picked up a grilled chicken salad from Dairy Queen instead of a burger and fries and a coke or even that we put chips into a bowl instead of sitting on the couch and eating the whole damned bag. What if our milestone is going shopping and finding out your usual size is now too big. Or we sit down to watch a movie on netflix and end up on the floor doing some crunches while the movie is on. I think our milestones should be something we accomplish without even thinking about it that we would have never done before. What if our maintenance comes when we can look in the mirror and smile at how amazing we look and when we wake up with energy every single day and eating properly and working out are as big a part of life as breathing is.

A lot of us would beat the holy crap out of ourselves for even having chips but wait a minute. Yes you had chips but think of how many calories you used to shove in your face every day before you started tracking? Yes it put you over your new range. But before you never had a range did you? So why are you beating yourself up for this one bowl (or piece of chocolate or w/e it was you felt compelled to eat). If you think you're going to go through the whole rest of your life now that you're on your journey without ever touching something you used to eat out of control before you're lying to yourself and should probably stop it right now.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still going to celebrate losing 25 lbs or 50 or 100 but if I weigh myself tomorrow and I'm up half a pound or a pound or w/e the number might be I can't let this dictate how my mood will be for the rest of the day. I know that I'm eating at least half the calories of what I used to eat.. maybe even more than half. I know poor choices are going to happen from time to time because I refuse to give up completely things like cake and pizza and chips. But instead of eating half a cake I'll take that piece and enjoy it and instead of eating a whole pizza I will have a slice or maybe two.

Listen to your body. There's no reason to wake up feeling good about your changes to step on a scale and feel bad because of the number. This journey has to be about YOU and not about a piece of metal that flashes a number at you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    These are thoughts. So, uh, how come still with the scale!
    2751 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2751 days ago
  • THEIS58
    emoticon emoticon
    2752 days ago
    Positive self talk, less scale. Your onto the right track.
    2754 days ago
    I LOVE the attitude!!! Keep it up!
    2757 days ago
    needed to hear this this morning, weighed myself and was up FOUR POUNDS from last week and i have worked out everyday and tracked most of my meals. i almost died and beat myself up for a good while and then went out and had a great walk that made me feel a ton better! i hate scales...they run our lives!!
    2757 days ago
    I totally agree! It's so much easier said than done... the scale is the gauge of choice of most of us who are trying to lose weight. I weigh myself once a day in the morning but I've learned to detach from the number quite a bit. I can't control it so why let it control me? I take measurements once a month and always have a few snug articles of clothing in the front of my closet that I can try on from time to time to see the changes. The scale used to be able to devastate me for the entire day but I don't let it anymore. I log my weigh-ins weekly so if it wasn't a great week come Friday I get to put it behind me and start fresh.

    This journey is so much about our attitudes and the scale is counter-productive when you think about it. Great blog!

    2757 days ago
    Great blog! Thank you for sharing! emoticon
    2757 days ago
    Thank you for reminding me that there are many other important things than just the number on the scale. Great blog!!
    2757 days ago
    You don't know how much I needed to read this this morning! Thank you so much for making me feel better!
    2758 days ago
    Loved it! Thanks for that great perspective and keep up the good work!
    2758 days ago
  • no profile photo SHANTI80
    2758 days ago
  • REBECCA431
    I used to get on that scale a lot but now only once a day. I use it as a way to motivate me to stay on my path. Going up a pound or so makes me think about why. I do wish I could cut it down to one day a week but until then it doesn't make or break my day. I did enjoy going through my pants today and putting all the 20's in a give away bag!!That's what counts!!great blog!! emoticon
    2758 days ago
  • SBEYER225
    This is a great insight to keep in mind. I'll definitely be doing this!
    emoticon emoticon
    2758 days ago
    Great insight. You ARE a rock star!

    2758 days ago
    i battle checking that scale every morning. i know i shouldnt do it, as i know my weight can fluctuate from day to day, and i know it shouldnt reflect my day, but it does. it is so hard to change that mindset. and my husband HAS to weigh every day for heart health reasons...he has congestive heart failure and kidney problems, so if he gains more than 3 lbs in a day or 5 lbs in a week, he has to check in with his cardiologist. so its just soooo easy to step into line and weigh. so your blog is really great, and helpful as well. remembering not to beat myself up for this or that (eating too much popcorn at the movies,,no butter though). not working out as much as someone else does ( im sorta competitive...with someone 1/2 my size?? reallY? ) and such things. so
    THANK YOU!!!
    for reminding me. of reminding me that its not all about that stupid scale and lbs ive lost, or gained.

    2758 days ago
  • no profile photo HABITATPAT
    2758 days ago
    Thanks for sharing emoticon
    2759 days ago
  • JILLV1022
    i just had this conversation...wait no it wasnt a conversation...but anyway the same feelings this morning and reading your blog makes me realize how right you are. i am proud of myself that for three and a half weeks i have been actually working out and i do feel better. even though the scale might not say how i feel....thanks for the insight!!!!!
    2759 days ago
    Good lesson! You are doing a great job!
    2759 days ago
    A universal problem........Thanks for sharing!!
    2759 days ago
    Yes!Yes!Yes!You are a Rock Star! emoticon
    2759 days ago
  • no profile photo GRAMPIAN
    Great good sense. emoticon
    2759 days ago
    What a great way to think about it!!! Thanks for the insight! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2759 days ago
  • no profile photo BADUREKL
    I think that as long as we look at the positive changes WE and our bodies have made and are still making, that is the most important thing. I, too, check the scale every morning! I know that it is going to go up and down... hopefully it is going to keep going down. I also know that the slower it is going, the longer lasting it is likely to be.

    I have changed my whole thought process about food and eating and I can tell that you have as well. THAT is what counts in the long run... and, face it, we who are part of Spark People, are here for the LONG RUN! (Even if we never even consider really RUNNING in a marathon of any kind! ...and I definitely don't. I have had to lose my fifty pounds over 2+ years...slowly and surely without much exercise at all. My back won't let me. But it CAN be done.

    You are making great strides. Congratulations! Don't give up on the scale or kick it... I did once and had to get a new one! It really is your friend...even if it tells you what you don't want to know... Remember it doesn't tell you who or how wonderful you are... It just tells you whether your body is retaining or letting go of what has been put in it. It can go up even on days when you have been perfectly PERFECT in following your plan. It is just that way. Keep on keeping on! You will get there yet! Hugs!
    2759 days ago
    Way to go! You are recognizing some really positive things about yourself and not only looking at the scale but noticing the other changes in your life. Congrats! I know that I am making changes because of the way I think about myself also. I am also craving healthier items and I am excited to exercise. I miss it on the days I don't do it. Keep it up!
    2759 days ago
    You hit the nail on the head! I've thought these same things.
    2759 days ago
    Thank you! I really needed to hear these words this week, especially today! I, too, am giving up the scale. I've had my husband hide it from me until weigh in days.
    2759 days ago
  • no profile photo BLESSTHISHOME
    Good blog! emoticon
    2759 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon Wonderful to see you featured as "THIS MONTHS BEST FEATURED BLOGS". What an honor!!
    2760 days ago
    Well said! Are you a mind reader? Our thoughts are alike. Job well done emoticon emoticon
    2760 days ago
    great attitude, you are a stong person
    2760 days ago
  • no profile photo CKC7670
    Way to go! You are not defined by a number on a scale!
    2760 days ago
    Amen, Sistah! emoticon
    2760 days ago
    This is a journey of discovery-I think we should judge by how good we feel and how our skin glows! emoticon
    2760 days ago
    Very inspirational! Thank you for saying out loud the things that float through our minds! We do need to take pride in all the baby steps, all the pieces that make up our weight loss puzzles. It's just so hard to focus on the positive sometimes. Thanks for snapping us back to reality!
    2760 days ago
    Well Said!!
    2760 days ago
    I like your perspective.
    2760 days ago
    I like the way you think! Can we be friends? :)
    2760 days ago
    I had to put our scale away too. If it's on the floor in the bathroom, I would weigh myself too often even though I knew the numbers weren't the most important thing. I finally moved the scale into a closet and will only weigh once a week now. You brought up some great points, and your pictures SHOW that you are making steps in the right direction! You ARE a ROCK STAR! emoticon
    2760 days ago
  • -WISDOM-
    I loved it!!!!
    2760 days ago
    Love this!
    2760 days ago
    Right on!

    I'm the daily weigh-in type, but it really is possible to divorce the emotions from the number. There are so many better ways to measure success, and the best of those is action. Bah, scale. It's just a reading, just a temporary snapshot of one aspect of your body at that moment in time. It's good information to have, but it's not the goal.

    I always like to say that weight loss is a side effect of working towards my real goals, which are all based around me *doing* something rather than a passive number.
    2767 days ago
    You are on to something really important. I love my scale. I'm always curious about the weight changes, but... It can't be the most important thing. The weight on the scale isn't consistent, and at best follows along after all of the great changes you're talking about.
    2767 days ago
    Yeah! You said it! I weigh myself once a day in the morning. Sometimes I think that is too much, especially when I find myself grumpy after a gain. You are right, lets celebrate the fact we are moving towards something positive, no matter what that damned thing says. As long as we are making progress eating and feeling better, we should celebrate. Way to go emoticon
    2768 days ago
  • MOM2FAT1
    2768 days ago
    Loved your post and SO true it is! Keep going girl! emoticon
    2768 days ago
    emoticon emoticon for the positive, sensible blog. emoticon
    2768 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/25/2011 8:04:28 AM
    break the damn scale! I hate them!

    Great blog! Be proud of the accomplishments you've made, the life changing ones that make you a healthier and happier person. Beautiful.
    2769 days ago
    Awesome blog!! Love it. I totally agree with you, and this really hits home since the scale hasn't been budging (or goes up slightly). This is mostly on my part for slacking on details, but I still see huge accomplishments IN the slacking!
    2769 days ago
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