Please Don't Judge Me

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If I don't have perfect form when doing my bicep curls. I might be sore from my pilates class.

If I cling to the elliptical because I am a clutz and have poor balance.

If I trot along ungracefully on the treadmill.

If I run slowly along the road as you drive by me in your air conditioned car.

If I can't hold my plank as long as you can.

If I don't do the moves right in the aerobics class.

Please don't judge me, because I am meanier to myself than you could ever know. Please don't judge me, because some days it takes EXTRAORDINARY effort to make it though a single day, let alone make it to the gym.
Please don't judge me, because I WANT to break free of the bad habits that I have learned, some through no fault of my own.
Please don't judge me...............
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can understand exactly how you feel about people at the gym judging others. I hear poeple at the gym, mostly in the ladies locker room, about how bad someone looks in what they are wearing while working out. Or did you see that really fat guy or gal. Umm hello, this is a gym, and people of all sizes come to work out for various reasons. I also heard someone ask a person who was walking on a treadmill if they could hurry becuase there was a line of people who actully 'RUN" on the treadmill wailting. So lets be nice to ourselves and others and not judge. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    2827 days ago
    I think some people blog for the popularity of it. Some people do it because it motivates others as well as themselves. I can understand both I guess. I currently use my blog as a place to put all of the random stuff that goes on in my mind. I used to shut up the pain, frustration, whatever feeling I had with a cookie or 5. Since being cookie monster isn't really conducive to weight loss, I have to use my blog to cope. I blog about EVERYTHING. Personally, I enjoy the blogs of NORMAL people. People who have bad days AND good days. People who I can relate to, who inspire me to try something new or to change something that isn't working, or who encourage me to push past my comfort zone.
    2827 days ago
    More often than not, we are our own worst critics. Hold your dead high, hold that plank as long as you can, hang onto that machine - but don't stop, just keep going back and one day, all of a sudden you'll find that the plank lasted just a few seconds longer, your grip wasn't as tight this time on the machine, there wasn't as much huffing and puffing on the treadmill this time. Don't worry about the others, plug in your earbuds and think about the great things you are doing for YOU, not the unknowns at the gym that are there for their social life. Hang in there! emoticon
    2828 days ago
  • MAY1787
    I read that same blog I think you are talking about, and the holier-than-thou attitude some of the more popular bloggers have is quite frustrating. I know they must have moments when they don't do things right or when they are feeling low, but apparently they don't blog about that.
    I like the "I am meanier to myself than you could ever know" comment. It is so true!
    2828 days ago
    I wrote this in response to a blog post I read by someone else yesterday. Many people were praising this blogger. I can't say I felt offended, just sad. It never occured to me that someone might be judging me when I hold on to the elliptical or I might not have perfect form at the gym. I am pretty oblivious when I am working out. I am focusing on getting oxygen and ignoring the burn lol. I did have a good friend though that would NOT go to the gym because she felt the judgment of people on her because she was so heavy. She died at age 35. I am not sure if it was a heart attack or a pulmonary embolism, but she was FAR too young. This blog is just the safe place I put those feelings.
    2828 days ago
  • BD3269PM
    No judging here; you are doing great!! Keep it up and keep on Sparking emoticon
    2828 days ago
    Sometimes I can be so critical of myself that I *think* someone is judging me...even when they AREN'T! Oof!

    2828 days ago
    No one will judge you here. The fact that you are trying at all is amaazing. there are too many people who don't do anything for fear of being judged, but you are out there doing it! So, congrats!
    2828 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Funny that you posted this! I made a sign for my basement near my treadmill and other equipment: This is a gym, not a courtroom!! STOP JUDGING!! Eerie, huh?
    2828 days ago
    You can trot on the treadmill? Please don't judge me because I can only walk and that's with holding on to the sides!
    2828 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2828 days ago
  • SHELLYE_19
    This is awesome!! I want to hang this at the gym!! There is no judge here!! ;) Have a great day!!
    2828 days ago
    Hey -- you made it to the gym. That automatically makes you better than me this week!
    2828 days ago
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