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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little less humor a little more straight forward.
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    You slipped up....so what! It happens! you get right back on track. That is what you do, that is what you need to do. JUST DO IT! right? I am talking to myself as well...... It is hard man, but don't beat yourself up. You can do this one meal at a time. Eating the salad, was the come back! Got it? GOOD!

    I don't know how to grow or make Stevia, but I like the brand "Ideal". Check it out. There are a few stores that sell it, but I finally found one that sells it pretty cheap.

    Keep up the great work. Good to see the serious side of you as well. Shows a greater determination!
    2973 days ago
    I can't listen right now as I'm listening to an author interview on my computer for a book I'm reading for a big training session starting tomorrow night. But.. I get that you slipped up on something involving Chinese food and soda and then had a salad afterwards at home. Sounds like you already corrected the problem, if it was one.

    Regarding juices - my son LOVES juice!! He would drink gallons of it a day if he could. I give him 50/50 juice/water. mixes and for berry and grape kinds it works great. It doesn't work for orange juice as much. I have gotten used to the 50/50 and prefer it so much. You get twice as much for the calories and sugar. So I can get one and half cups for .75 of a serving of juice. Yay! Anyhow, just a thought. ;)

    2973 days ago
    One slip, not a biggie. Salad after the slip. . . MAJOR come back.

    When I have Chinese I usually get 1 springroll and then I get steamed shrimp, chicken or beef with mixed veggie and put a little soy sauce on it. It's good and guilt free. My diabetes counselor pretty much said rice is poison to a diabetic.

    What I learned at diabetes camp (the diabetes education at our local hospital) is that you should have regular juice only if your blood sugar is so low you're about to pass out because it will get your sugar up in about 15 minutes. A few ounces of juice is like liquid sugar into your veins. 1/2 an orange is better because is has less sugar than juice and it has fiber to slow down the digestion of the sugar.

    Maybe try some of the flavored seltzers with a slice of lime or lemon. Fizzy and tasty too. I also like Celestial Seasonings lemon zinger tea (comes in bags, add hot water, steep and frigerate. It mades a really good lemony iced tea without caffeine.

    It's all about the learning curve that I've been on for 18 months. You're learning might quick grasshopper!!! Keep up your fantastic efforts.

    PS: You can go on the Atkins website and get a free carb counter book that you can browse through and see what looks good to you food/drink wise.

    Yvonne emoticon
    2974 days ago
    Slip up happen great you got back on track right away. Also you can make any dish more healthy find your favorite recipes and chinese dish and substitute unhealthy ingredients with healthier choices. Here is al ink for healthy Chinese food recipes.http://www.healthychinesere

    2974 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/24/2011 4:56:09 PM
    SO you slipped up .... so what?!? You jumped right back on that horse. Don't let it get you down. I waffled a little the other day and last night and when I actually charted it ... it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was. Do not despair. Just keep moving forward.

    There are diet juice drinks out there and many are using stevia now. You just have to look around. Here is how you grow your own stevia ... www.stevia.com/Stevia_article/Growi
    ng_Your_Own_Stevia/8077 and I found packs of seeds for under a buck ... www.amazon.com/Sugar-Plant-Herb-See
    ds-0-Calories/dp/B0049R4HEA. Good luck!
    2974 days ago
    Dont be so down, honey! ((hugs)) You are human, not perfect, and still learning. You ended the night on a great note! Instead of saying "oh, well I went overboard earlier, so I can keep going, whatever, this day doesn't count anyway", you said "oh crap, I over did it!" and made a SALAD for dinner and did the best you could! GOOD for you! If you overdo it in the day, fix it asap! Dont KEEP up the bad stuff for the whole day. Good job. Proud of you!

    Metformin does help! Did you call local clinics? To see if you can get help?

    Get sugar free juice! There are "diet" everything... try the Diet V8 Splash! So freakin' good!! And... anything by Ocean Spray is awesome. Diet Blueberry or Cranberry... ::drool::

    Dont get down from one bad day. Smile... I'm proud of you and you are still doing a great job.
    2974 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I'm pretty sure you are human.

    Humans are fallible.

    If you never had a slip up, you wouldn't be human.

    What matters is what you do next, and you already made good choices and got back on track.

    Thats the important bit. emoticon

    As for juice? what about trying some lemon juice in your water, I like that.
    2974 days ago
    Good for you for eating a salad!! That sounds delicious. I'm so proud of you!

    I'm not a fan of water either. I actually bought the orange benefiber to put in my water. Not sure how much sugar is in it though. I gulp it right down though. It's delicious!
    2974 days ago
  • DRKEYEZ820
    For one were all HUMAN, its a life style change we are making, with that said we are NOT perfect and we WILL have an off day here or there. Some of us make it a point to have a random day to have something we have always liked, BUT in moderation!!! But if u look back to what you said, you ate a SALAD when you came home, u didnt come home to eat a box of twinkies! You came home and ate a salad! I think you did very well under the circumstances. Sure im sure there was something healthier on the menu, but dont beat yourself up about it. You have made huge strides to better your health :) Proud of u!

    As for the juice, I LOVE diet Cranberry juice by ocean spray they have a few other DIET juices from ocean spray too. My nana is a diabetic and i got her hooked on it. It made with splenda. My husband who HATES splenda even loves this juice :) haha. Its less TARTness :)
    As for the OJ, i get 50 less or whatever it is, it has 1/2 the sugar as the regular kind, and i always keep the SMALL bottle in my house in case my sugar drops.
    ANOTHER alternative, is propel, flavored soda water ( I love the strawberry lemonade. ) I also love CRYSTAL light fitness pure, i add it to a regular water bottle and im not drinking Plain water anymore.

    Have a wonderful day hun!
    Any other food or drink questions?! :) ive learned alot of them. Im looking into drinking green tea..
    2974 days ago
  • REDSHOES2011
    Don't let one slip up get you down X..
    2974 days ago
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