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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. Never mind the "normal" every day stressors-- work, chores, errands, cooking, grocery shopping, shuttling kids, laundry, meal planning.......but there are "new" stressors.

My husband got offered a new job, which if all things check out and actually starts working at this place, the benefits to our family will be HUGE. We can get out of debt, take a vacation once in awhile, I can NOT stress out about bills every will be WONDERFUL for me. My husband can help me more with the kids too. So I am almost afraid to start getting too happy about it. I don't want the let down if something doesn't work out.

Then there is my teenage daughter. God love her, she is, to quote Winnie the Pooh, "you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

That is how I see her. She had really bad grades last year. She was going down a path that wasn't good for her. Her friends have parents who do NOT follow through. A mom of one of my daughter's good friends skipped school the second day. The mom was so angry. She told me she would ground her all year. (I don't agree with that extreme, but she did need SOME punishment). Today the mom and this same daughter to get a nose piercing. She is 14. Needless to say, MY kid came home and started crying to me about how I NEVER let her do anything, how it isn't fair she can't have nose and belly button piercings at 15, how it is so unfair that I took her Facebook away, and how she can't wait until she is 18 and she can get away from me forever. I have heard this exact same conversation for about a week, and quite frankly I am tired of it. She told me she hated me, so I turned her texting off. See picture below for an artistic impression of her response.

Add to that the fact that I have been getting up at 5:30 am and working ALL day long until I literally fall into bed at 9 pm, and you have a woman with no coping skills and a who is rapidly approaching that TOM. At 36, I have noticed that I am getting a bit PMS'y and my body realizes I only have a few procreation years left and is ANGRY I am not pregnant. Here is what I was looking like before I left the house after work:

I had two choices:

1. Cast a spell on my family that I didn't know how to undo.
2. Go workout, and HARD.

Being that I really am NOT an evil witch, I went with the latter. Tonight's workout: ZUMBA! It really is hard to stay bee-yatchy when you are shaking your thang to upbeat music. Not to mention I burned 600 calories!

As a sidenote, I must say that appropriate bras and underwear would have been useful tonight, as the girls kept escaping and my underwear kept trying to head south. Thank goodness I happened to be in the back row. Next week I hopefully don't have to flee the house unprepared like this week.

I must say, I am finding it more and more necessary to get out of my house and sweat hard. Working full time, being a wife and mother is an overwhelming task for one person to try and manage. I cope sooooo much better when I make time for me. I must remember this the next time my kid says I am ruining her life.....
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    Personally I would have gone for the evil spell and then gone to the gym. Let them figure out how to "unfrog" themselves. Having survived 2 daughters (now 25 and 28 and yes they still show their "teen side" especially when dealing with each other) I was on a first name basis with the cell phone rep as I would shut off their service and restart the service and shut off and restart, etc, etc, etc.
    You did good!
    2765 days ago

    2765 days ago
    No, I don't want another one. My BODY wants another one apparently. My PMS these days is AWFUL. I think the clock is ticking.
    2765 days ago
  • CANBDONE still want another one? Just kidding, I survived two of them. They're in their 30's now and still occasionally show their teen side! Thank goodness they didn't have cell phones, ipads, computers, DS's, texting, etc. back in the day. Grounding was the tv, if needed!
    2765 days ago
    My advice for the daughter is to keep her busy! Is she interested in activities like dancing, karate, horse back riding? Whatever will keep her occupied is good. Piercings are not attractive---can't think why anyone would want to pierce a nose!! I actually wish I had not pierced my ears all those years ago but it is too late to change that.
    Exercise is a much better option than doing something that is bad for you and your family. Good luck.
    2765 days ago
    Kudos to ME time and ZUMBA! :-)


    ps...thx for stopping by my blog!
    2765 days ago
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