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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today was a busy day starting with getting up early to get grandkids up and off to school. Then I got to the gym for silver sneakers an yoga stretch class followed by lunch with a gym buddy. I opted for a bowl of chili since it is high protein. I then headed to the Dr with my youngest daughter(even though she is 30) to make sure she got her point across to the new Dr. we have now. Her face was swollen and sore a couple days after some dental work but her mouth looked good when they checked it. The Dr. thinks she has some bug bites that have caused the swelling. Then it was time for the kids to get off the bus and I took my grandson for his tutoring session while I did some shopping. I managed to buy absolutely NO JUNK FOOD! Everyone had pizza for dinner except for me and I finished off my salad from last night. Then I blew it and when my husband turned down the dish of ice cream our daughter served him, I ate it. I am still in my calorie range so I guess it's not so bad. That fat range, though, is another story and I still need a few grams of protein. Why is it so hard for me to get that protein in every day?? I start out with the healthy breakfast I'm supposed to have but by dinner I'm a mess. Tomorrow is a new day and I have my dinner planned and it's NOT what they are serving at church (hot dogs). I will have some salmon with green beans. Now if I can just stay on track all afternoon-the morning is taken care of with a healthy breakfast and a couple hours in the pool.
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  • KERRYG155
    ice cream-my daughter got it and I ate it because it was handed to me-like an addict!

    Re the pizza-I don't really miss pizza anymore and I didn't want any so the 'except for me' was kind of a hoorah for not giving in to the food addiction mentioned above. Also the meal out was not planned-last minute and normally chili is high protein so I go for that rather than meat.

    Exercise: I used to work out 3 times a day when I was losing the 130 lbs but that isn't possible anymore with the scoliosis and that just means I actually have to eat fewer calories.

    Thanks for the input and suggestions-always appreciated as it makes me think emoticon
    3009 days ago
    Try having a cup of ffmilk with you dinner to get protein up.
    3010 days ago
    Just running by, but want to say hello and make a few comments on your situation:

    1) Morning: On track, as you said. Healthy breakfast + planned exercise = busy, but with the right things, so...check.

    2) Lunch: I don't know if you made your food choice on the spot, but if you waited until you arrived to pick your food, that's a pressure point: you must choose rather than simply sit down to eat something you had planned.

    This places at least two kinds of stress on you. (a) "Be good" and (b) "i can't have X or Y." However subconsciously, you are pointing to yourself as a person "on a diet" rather than as someone who is so in charge of her health that she plans her food before she ever finds herself in a food-related situation.

    If the lunch is a scheduled event, check the menu on line or call the restaurant and make your choice before you leave home. If the lunch ia spontaneous, go into that restaurant already pre-determined that you will first eat a HUGE salad and then you will eat whatever else will bring you health. And scour that menu with an attitude that says, "I am taking care of my health," not, "Well, I sure can't have that or that or that or that. Sigh."

    3) Afternoon: Busy again, but this time no scheduled exercise. I'm not saying you should exercise twice a day, but notice the pattern--doing for daughter, doing for grandchild, shopping...Is there something in here that is another pressure point for you?

    "I managed to buy absolutely NO JUNK FOOD!" I believe in the power of what we say to ourselves. To me, "I managed to" sounds like you had to battle it out. And maybe you did.

    But even if that's true, perhaps a more gut-truth, but positive self-talk could help. What if you told yourself, "i took responsibility for my health today by passing up opportunities to kill myself with junk." Now THAT is worth shouting from the roof because it's a more positive affirmation than "I managed to...."

    4) Evening: Notice that you talk about how everyone else had pizza "except me." Do you miss pizza? Do you feel a bit envious and/or resentful that others are eating it? Do you feel virtuous because you didn't? All these feelings are normal; I'm not saying there is anything wrong with them.

    But again, could you consider a more positive, but absolutely 100% honest I-take-responsibility-for-my-life approach? What if you said to yourself, "Everyone else had pizza but I chose to use my personal strength to eat healthier foods."

    "...except me" = I was denied. "Personal strength" = I am capable and I make good choices.

    The ice cream: Um....why is that in the house? Can you ask your family to support you in your efforts to regain your health by ridding the house of your weakness foods, at least for a while?

    Is it for your daughter and/or the grandkids? Why? Don't they deserve better health too?

    Steve Siebold: "Fat people give in to cravings. Fit people prepare for cravings."

    "Why is it so hard for me to get that protein in every day??"

    I don't see that you plan otherwise. I do not mean to sound harsh and forgive me if in print I come across that way. But look back over the day. Break it into chunks. Where is your plan?

    I am not advocating counting calories or protein or carbs or anything else. I am not advocating rigid living. I am suggesting that you think about your life in general, this day in particular and your goals specifically. How could you have planned your eating and your mental dialogues so that this day ended differently?

    "Tomorrow is a new day and I have my dinner planned and it's NOT what they are serving at church (hot dogs). I will have some salmon with green beans." Nicely done. This is planning to be healthy.

    "Now if I can just stay on track all afternoon..." Again, look at what happened in the afternoon on this day. Is there a hint in there?

    I wish you the best, Kerry, and even though I am not here often, I send you positive energy every day. Keep working, keep refining your approach and you will make progress.
    3010 days ago
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